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MIT project uses smartphones to collect traffic light data : Aug12

CSR debuts first SiRFstarV chip optimised for smartphones : Aug12

Crosskasse Solar backpack : Aug12

American GPS Developer Accused Of Conflicting Loyalties : Aug12

Happy Birthday PocketGPSWorldcom is 10 Years Old Today : Aug12

Last Galileo InOrbit Validation GPS Satellite is Retired : Jul12

PSA Peugeot Citroen choose TomTom as global provider : Jul12

Bad Elf announce GPS Pro a wireless GPS for iOS : Jul12

BMW Olympic car fleet struggles with satnav routing glitches : Jul12

Royal Mail trials capture of GPS customer address data : Jul12

US red light camera footage released : Jul12

Samsung buys mobile phone technology from CSR : Jul12

Surrey Satellite Technology sign Euro 80m Galileo deal : Jul12

GioveA reaches end of mission : Jul12

Waze strikes a deal coming to car dashboards this year : Jul12

Researchers successfully hack US drone by spoofing GPS : Jul12

BAE Systems advanced positioning system a rival to GPS : Jun12

Bia A Kickstarter project to produce a GPS watch for women : Jun12

OSO Mounts New U GRIP : Jun12

France deploys its first average speed cameras : Jun12

Waze Update Adds Current Fuel Prices : Jun12

Garmin shares take a knock after Apple unveils iOS6 map app : Jun12

Apple choose TomTom to power iOS6 maps and navigation : Jun12

Rats with GPS trained to sniff out land mines : Jun12

Google Maps The Next Dimension : Jun12

CSR debuts the first SiRFstarV product at Telematics Detroit : Jun12

Garmin tease with multisensor controller concept : May12

TomTom takes aim at OpenStreetMap : May12

Speed Cameras Celebrate 20th Birthday : May12

Nintendo DS remote for Toyota Satnav : May12

Telmap gives Blackberry users something to smile about : May12

Beidou Asia Pacific Could Be Running By Year End : May12

LightSquared enters bankruptcy : May12

Indoor SatNav To Navigate Shoppers : May12

North Korea deploys electronic jamming again : May12

Bigger is better TomToms whopping 6inch Start 60 : May12

TomTom adds voice control with Speak Go : May12

Head Up Display : May12

Garmin 100 million products sold : May12

China launches two Beidou GPS satellites on single launcher : Apr12

TomTom entering the caravan and motorhome market at last : Apr12

Mobile POI Site Launched for Smart Phones : Apr12

Rumour mill Is TomTom looking to delist : Apr12

Galileo passes key performance verification tests : Apr12

PocketGPSWorld donates a satnav to CVRT : Apr12

TomTom admits device leap year bug : Apr12

UK Space Agency seeks proposals for PRS development : Mar12

The latest speed enforcement weapon GATSO Tseries : Mar12

View OSM maps in a new light with watercolour skin : Mar12

Dutch Government blocks TomTom plan for jobs cull : Mar12

CoPilot promises to keep Londoners moving during Olympics : Mar12

TI WiLink 80 Mixes WLAN GPS ANT BT FM NFC more : Mar12

Galileo will support global search and rescue service : Mar12

Our man in Bulgaria has his satnav stolen three times : Mar12

Seiko Unveil The Worlds First GPS Solar Watch : Mar12

Solar storm headed for Earth may disrupt GPS and power grids : Mar12

RealVNC Automotive Is this the solution weve waited for : Mar12

CSR show SiRFstarV and SiRFusion for indoor positioning : Mar12

iOnRoad Augmented Reality Driving Assistant : Mar12

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2012 What to expect : Feb12

Personal Tracking Set To Be Next Billion Dollar GPS Market : Feb12

UK GPS Jammer Use Revealed : Feb12

Is Technology Becoming A Distraction : Feb12

Skobbler Withdraws From Android Market : Feb12

Thieves Turn To Bluetooth To Identify Cars Containing Satnav : Feb12

Satnav blamed for more than 200m worth of damage : Feb12

TomTom And AutoNavi To Deliver Real Time Traffic In China : Feb12

Salfords Speeding Motorists Clock Up 500000 Over 3 Years : Feb12

Satmap Launch Xpedition Online Route Planning Application : Feb12

Speed Camera Catches Queensland Police Commissioner : Feb12

The Busiest French Speed Camera Sites Identified : Feb12

New Liquid Crystal Antenna Design Promises Better Reception : Feb12

Pin Drop Your Personal POI Manager : Feb12

AA Drivesafe Another Black Box Car Insurance Scheme : Feb12

Dragons Den Stars Duped Out of 230K By GPS Entrepreneur : Feb12

TomTom And Motaquote Seek To Drive Down Insurance Costs : Feb12

SSTLOHB Consortium To Build Eight More Galileo Satellites : Feb12

AZ Cabbies Mate Updated : Feb12

Villagers Set Up Fake Speed Camera : Feb12

CamerAlert Now FREE In All App Markets : Feb12

TomTom Identifies Traffic Blackspots During Snow Disruption : Feb12

Rmi Gaillard Human Speed Camera : Feb12

SatNavs Reach Springfield as The Simpsons Offer Directions : Feb12

Increased Road Fines May Reach 100 : Jan12

Oz Police Hit The Roof In Drive To Catch Hooning Motorists : Jan12

CamerAlert for iOS IS FREE For a Limited Period : Jan12

LightSquareds Troubles Rumble On : Jan12

New Location Sharing Service Glympse And We Like It : Jan12

Supreme Court Rules Warrants ARE Needed For GPS Tracking : Jan12

TomTom To Supply RealTime Traffic Data to AA Website : Jan12

Solar Flare Heading For Earth GPS May Be Affected : Jan12

Speed Cameras Attributed to Huge Accident Reduction : Jan12

CamerAlert Scores 4 Out Of 5 Stars In TapMag Review : Jan12

Portsmouth Motorists Urged To Slow Down : Jan12

Google Caught Playing Dirty End Of Dont Be Evil : Jan12

Talex Technology Ltd Dissolved : Jan12

If The Victorians Had GPS : Jan12

Trial Reveals Security Forces Used GPS To Track IRA Suspect : Jan12

Helping Motorists Focus At Government 1st Ever SatNav Summit : Jan12

Cambridgeshire Speed Campaign Benefits From New Database : Jan12

Authorities Claim Speed Cameras Continue to Aid Road Safety : Jan12

2011 The Year in Speed Cameras : Jan12

Need Evidence That Our Speedcam Database Is Accurate : Dec11

China Launch Beidou GPS Rival System : Dec11

Festive Fun Its Almost Time To Track Santa : Dec11

TomTom LIVE Services Grow in 2011 : Dec11

Browser Based TurnbyTurn Navigation Announced : Dec11

Next Generation GPS Satellite Coming Soon : Dec11

Galileo Calling Planet Earth : Dec11

CamerAlert 134533 for Android released to Market : Dec11

TomTom To Bring InCar SatNav Tablet to Renault : Dec11

Introducing CamerAlertcom Our NEW SpeedCamera Portal : Dec11

Local Authority To Get Right To Reclassify Local Roads : Dec11

RSPCA invest in Trimble GeoManager Fleet Management : Dec11

Skobbler Update GPS Navigation 2 Celebrate 2m Downloads : Dec11

Oxfordshire Speed Cameras Make Over 356000 In One Year : Dec11

TomTom Places App Now Available on Android : Dec11

Navitel Brings More Eastern Promise : Dec11

Google Begins Adding Indoor Maps : Dec11

Random Speed Cameras Set To Be Introduced To North Lincs : Dec11

Staffordshire Plans to reduce Speed Cameras in Operation : Nov11

Lancashire Proposes Speed Camera Increase : Nov11

Navfree Now Available On Android : Nov11

Infinit Solar Backpack Member Christmas Offer Save 35 : Nov11

SatNavs Stolen From Sainsburys Lorries : Nov11

68 Percent Rise In Speed Awareness Courses In Wales : Nov11

More FBI GPS Trackers Found : Nov11

ViewRanger Supporting Matt Bakers Rickshaw Challenge : Nov11

West Midlands Speed Cameras Go Digital : Nov11

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Announced : Nov11

Apple Acquires C3Technologues 3D Mapping On The Way : Oct11

HeadUpDisplay Wins Navigation Competition : Oct11

City Speed Cameras Were All Dummies : Oct11

MyViewRangercom Route Planner Web Site Gets Topo Maps : Oct11

Stig Finally Silences Jeremy Clarkson : Oct11

PocketGPSWorld Podcast Pilot Show 001 : Oct11

Intel Announces Deal To Acquire Telmap : Sep11

Wannabe RoboCops Fitted With Speed Cameras : Sep11

Dummy Cameras Change of Policy : Sep11

Bad Weather Gridlocks A Thing of the Past : Sep11

IFA 2011 Berlin : Aug11

Spinning Speed Camera Stats : Aug11

Good news for the GPS Constellation this week : Aug11

Do Some Speed Cameras Create Accidents : Aug11

Further Concerns About GPS Safety : Aug11

Exogear Exomount Limpet Like Universal Mount : Aug11

Only 29 Staffordshire Speed Cameras Active Out Of 262 : Aug11

Death Valley Tourists Continue To Rely On GPS Maps : Jul11

The Need for Speed: Call For SpeedCams to Catch Slow Drivers : Jul11

BagTrakka A GPS Enabled Luggage Tag : Jul11

GPS IIF-2 Launched from Cape Canaveral Early Saturday : Jul11

USAF delay GPS IIF2 launch for 24 hours : Jul11

TomTom Integrates Highways Agency Data Into HD Traffic : Jul11

Apple Navigation New Traffic Option Appears In Latest Betas : Jul11

USAF To Launch GPS IIF2 Satellite Early Thursday Morning : Jul11

Armed Man Attacks Mobile Speed Camera Vehicle : Jul11

Mappy ExtendS TomTom Map Data Agreements : Jul11

RouteBuddy 30 Now Available For Windows And Mac OS X : Jul11

DfT Announce New Speed Camera Rules For UK Councils : Jun11

Official Voice Packs Now Available : Jun11

Scroll Turn Left Scroll Again You Have Reached The 1920s : Jun11

LightSquared Possible Solution To Interference : Jun11

TechFan Podcast Interviews PocketGPSWorld : Jun11

Ordnance Survey Dont Blame Us For SatNav Map Issues : Jun11

Derbyshire Speed Camera Update : Jun11

Garmin Announces Agreement To Acquire Navigon : Jun11

CamerAlert Shown To Speed Up Verification of NonUK Cameras : Jun11

Memorise the atlas save money Its obvious : Jun11

French Motorists Mobilize To Fight SpeedCam Warning Ban : May11

Travellers Warned Over Reliance On GPS : May11

France To Ban Sale And Use Of Speed Camera Warning Systems : May11

Ordnance Survey Leads Way With New Colour Palette : May11

Garmin go Live with nLink connected SatNavs : May11

ifixit Teardown An FBI GPS Tracker : May11

Gigwalk Community Powered POI Updates and Admin : May11

VNC Powers Jaguar Connect and View System : May11

Garmin release OpenCaching apps for Android and iPhone : May11

New WideRange Average Speed Camera System Approved : Apr11

Worlds First Smartphone To Support Two GPS Systems : Apr11

GPS Squares up to LightSquared : Apr11

How To Hack A USB Charge Cable : Apr11

IBM Smarter Traveler Traffic Prediction Software : Apr11

GPS Guided Mortar Debuts In Afghanistan : Apr11

Chinas BeiDou2 COMPASS Navigation System Nearly Ready : Apr11

Roadhawk Camera Captures Terrifying Crash : Apr11

Sunvisor TomTom Install Nicely Done : Apr11

Speed Cameras Off Speed Cameras On : Mar11

CamerAlert for Android v127 Now Available : Mar11

Map Kibera How Kiberans Mapped their Community : Mar11

US Senators call for removal of drinkdrive apps : Mar11

The Database Should Be Free : Mar11

CamerAlert Speed Camera App Recommended by Yahoo : Mar11

Average Speed Cameras on a Lamp Post Near You : Mar11

Is Dedicated Satnav Reaching The End Of The Road : Mar11

TOM BIHN Ristretto for iPad A top travel bag : Mar11

Family Blames Sat Nav For Four Days of Misery : Mar11

What Happens If Satnav fails : Mar11

Police to Fund West Midlands Speed Cameras : Mar11

CamerAlert Database Reaches new heights of accuracy : Mar11

VNC Announces Automotive Solution For Smartphones : Feb11

Do SatNavs Trump InVehicle Entertainment : Feb11

Just a Solar Storm in a Teacup : Feb11

Mobile OS Wars Apple v Android v Windows Phone : Feb11

Hapless Biker Gets Caught Giving Speed Camera The Finger : Feb11

CamerAlert SpeedCam App in Times Top 500 No1 in App Store : Feb11

Villagers Want to Adopt Speed Camera : Feb11

Nokia and Microsoft create a strategic partnership : Feb11

Mobile World Congress 2011 Leading the Transformation : Feb11

Canon Unveil GPS Equipped PowerShot SX230 HS : Feb11

Huge Threat to Dedicated Satnavs Confirmed : Feb11

Endomondo Selected By Android For Innovation : Feb11

Do Less Speed Cameras Mean Less Deaths : Feb11

New London Speed Camera System Ready To Go : Jan11

Widget UK To Offer TomTom Business Solutions : Jan11

Google Aerial Maps Register For Update Notifications : Jan11

MotionXGPS Drive Now Supports JVCPioneer Head Units : Jan11

London Lorry Ban Big Support A Factor In GPS Purchase : Jan11

CamerAlert 1 Becomes 3 Now Even Better Value : Jan11

10 Million Passwords Compromised at Trapster : Jan11

CamerAlert Comes To Android : Jan11

Less Than a Third of Scottish Speed Cameras Operational : Jan11

Lincolnshire Speed Cameras Seemingly Unaffected by Cuts : Jan11

CES 2011 Nike And TomTom Unveil Sportwatch : Jan11

CES Las Vegas 2011 Fujifilm FinePix XP30 with GPS : Jan11

XFactors Peter Dickson Lends Voice To SatNav Systems : Jan11

Navigon Audi Offer Free Nevada Navigation for CES 2011 : Jan11

CES Las Vegas 2011 News : Jan11

Speed Awareness Courses To Pay For Speed Cameras : Jan11

January Decision Anticipated for Suffolk Speed Cameras : Dec10

Do Irish Men Really Need Their SatNav More Than Women : Dec10

A Look Back At 2010 And A look Forward To 2011 : Dec10

Woman Caught Speeding 8 Times on Same Road : Dec10

Santa Claus is coming and NORAD is tracking him : Dec10

Navevo ProNav PNN300 Trucker SatNav review : Dec10

Irish Police Chief Speed Cameras Reduce Road Deaths : Dec10

A Sound Financial Move or an Unnecessary Risk : Dec10

Bradford Gets 26 Yes Twenty Six New Speed Cameras : Dec10

Do Drivers Still Not Understand Average Speed Cameras : Dec10

Traffex 2011 returns to NEC Birmingham in March : Dec10

Telmap partner with OS to provide location data : Dec10

Orange France and Telmap launch free navigation app : Dec10

Speeder who falsified GPS track faces jail : Dec10

Swedish Drivers Get Paid to Slow Down : Dec10

Nissan Connect Speed Camera Database Changes : Dec10

Viewranger Launch Open Maps for iPhone and iPad : Dec10

S Yorks Trials Speed Camera Switch Off Dorset Changes Mind : Dec10

The PocketGPSWorld 24 Days of Christmas Giveaway : Nov10

Research Claims GPS Use Can Cause Memory Problems : Nov10

Speed Cameras Yes But No But : Nov10

Broadcom Announce First QuasiZenith Satellite Position Fix : Nov10

Berg Insight 43m European Cars Have OnBoard Telematics : Nov10

A14 SPECS Rollout as Police admit Speedcams cause Accidents : Nov10

WAZE Driver generated mapping traffic and navigation : Nov10

Speed Cameras Reprieved Reconsidered Axed and Anticipated : Nov10

Kids Break Law to Warn Speeding Drivers : Oct10

Navigon USA Launches on Android : Oct10

Content The New Frontier of GPS Navigation Systems : Oct10

Windows Phone 7 gets its first turnbyturn Navigation app : Oct10

Tomtom Reports Mixed Third Quarter 2010 Results : Oct10

Government Cuts Hit More Speed Camera Budgets : Oct10

Fact Mr Richard Herring is Aware of Speeding : Oct10

Googles Alternative to Speed Cameras : Oct10

1930s SatNav The First InCar Navigation System : Oct10

CamerAlert v12 Now Available in Appstore : Oct10

SatNav Directly Responsible For Mans Death : Oct10

Navmii release Free iPad and iPhone Navigation Apps : Oct10

Porsche offer retro styled satnav for older models : Sep10

Mio Navman 575 Reviewed : Sep10

Norfolk Votes to Scrap Speed Cameras Scotland Holds Fast : Sep10

Report Confirms PND Satnav Usage Still Strong : Sep10

ViewRanger supporting UK Ireland Search and Rescue teams : Sep10

Sony announce new TomTom powered indash satnav head units : Sep10

Cumbria Bucks Speed Camera Trend : Sep10

Do SatNavs Save Marriages : Sep10

You want to launch a satellite Sorry the sky is full : Sep10

Dorset claim poverty in fixed speedcam reduction : Sep10

Goespatial Revolution New Web TV Series : Sep10

HTC Desire HD and Desire Z Android smartphones unveiled : Sep10

Dorset trial School Zone Average Speed Cameras : Sep10

Ford offer dealer fit windscreen satnav : Sep10

Navevo announce ProNav PNN300 : Sep10

Qualcomm show off latest chipsets in Science Museum : Sep10

TomTom Looking to Share its Traffic Data With Government : Sep10

Speed Camera Alerts How To Achieve Multiple Lifetime Status : Sep10

New Tech Seeks To Improve Fleet Driver Safety : Sep10

AND Turnover and Profits Up : Aug10

PocketGPSWorld is in the top 1m websites : Aug10

PocketGPSWorld is in the top 1m websites : Aug10

Safety Groups Oppose The Big Speed Camera Switch Off : Aug10

Sygic Aura 3D comes to PND at IFA : Aug10

Berlin Consumer Electronics Show IFA 2010 : Aug10

CameraAlert v12 submitted to Apple : Aug10

Garmin Issue WorldWide Nuvi Recall : Aug10

I Know Exactly Where I am Darling Honest : Aug10

Thoughts on selfdefining Points Of Interest : Aug10

Insurers Rubber Stamp SatNav Safety : Aug10

Hacked Smartphones Could Jeopardize Troop Safety : Aug10

Helpless Speed Cameras Witness Huge Increase in Speeding : Aug10

Only 1 in 8 UK Drivers Trust their SatNav : Aug10

Speed Cameras Blamed for 28000 UK Road Accidents : Aug10

Brian Blessed coming to a TomTom near you soon : Aug10

Google exits the Smartphone Market : Jul10

Truckers SatNav Blamed for 10 Hour Road Closure : Jul10

Lights Camera Inaction Swindon Oxfordshire and Now Derby : Jul10

TomTom Reports Higher Second Quarter Profit : Jul10

Swindon speed Cam switchoff 1 year on : Jul10

Skobbler launches free sat nav for Google Android phones : Jul10

Arizona Turns Off State Level Speed Cameras : Jul10

Google Introduces Polite Parking App : Jul10

Collins Atlases Updates With Pocket GPSs SpeedCam Locations : Jul10

87m a year from Speedcams but do they increase casualties : Jul10

Speedcam to net 13m a year and its not about safety : Jul10

Will Traffic Information Rescue Our Clogged up Roads : Jul10

Native Union Moshi Moshi 02 handset reviewed : Jul10

Are SatNavs distracting drivers : Jul10

TomTom Major iOS4 update and carkit is iPhone4 compatible : Jun10

CamerAlert v11 now available : Jun10

South Dakota Decalares its Red Light Cameras Illegal : Jun10

Ireland Receives European Award for Road Death Reduction : Jun10

Mobile Safety Cameras to Monitor Scottish Level Crossings : Jun10

Somerset reduce number of fixed cameras : Jun10

Skobbler iPhone OpenStreetMap app is now free : Jun10

Man Buys Local Polices Website to Complain About Speed Cams : Jun10

CarComm Multi Basys mounting system reviewed : Jun10

Ireland Outsources After Dark Speed Cameras : Jun10

Future of Ad Based Location Services Looks Assured : Jun10

USAF successfully launch the new GPS IIF1 satellite : May10

POI Downloads Get An Upgrade : May10

GPS IIF1 ready to launch tonight : May10

Residential Bristol Could Eventually Become 20mph Speed Zone : May10

Ten One Design launch new leather iPhone case : May10

The Promised Curb on Fixed Speed Cameras Confirmed : May10

Florida Governor legalises Red Light Cameras : May10

Skobbler launches in UK - iPhone navigation for £119 : May10

Arizona drops Redflex as Speed Camera Supplier : May10

Reviewed Infinit Solar Backpack : May10

The NotuptoSpeed Cameras of Maryland : May10

GPS Selective Availability lifted 10 years ago : May10

TomTom app store in development : May10

CoPilot Live HD heads to iPad 3G : Apr10

Google Nav coming to other platforms inc iPhone : Apr10

CamerAlert v102 has been approved : Apr10

Leica introduce camera with GPS and Geotagging : Apr10

Googles Turn by Turn Navigation comes to UK : Apr10

Media awakens to Spike camera testing : Apr10

TomTom signup Billy Connolly to give you direction : Apr10

North Yorkshire to introduce mobile speed camera vans : Apr10

Are Average Cameras Proving to be the Dream Ticket : Apr10

Location Based Services Poised to Drive Rise in Free Apps : Mar10

US Federal Court Upholds Illegal Red Light Camera Evidence : Mar10

Viewranger adds OpenCycleMap and OpenStreetMap support : Mar10

Google Pins Further Revenue Growth Hopes on GPS Based Ads : Mar10

TeleNav Provides Insight Into American GPS Usage : Mar10

Google Street View Full UK Coverage unveiled tomorrow : Mar10

Google Ipswich to Newcastle via Holland : Mar10

CamerAlert iPhone App Snaps Mobile Speed Camera in Action : Mar10

OpenStreetMap Aids Haiti recovery : Mar10

Missouri Supreme Court Rules on Red Light Cameras : Mar10

Boeing has delivered the first of the next generation GPS : Feb10

Speed Camera Operator Killer to go to Trial : Feb10

PocketGPSWorldcom release CamerAlert on the iPhone : Feb10

Easyjet show how not to do Customer Service : Feb10

The Three Most Pointless UK Speed Cameras : Feb10

Motorola ready a widescreen PND the Motonav TN765T : Feb10

Publicity Stunt Gift Wraps Speed Cameras : Feb10

Cartogoo GPS Surveying and map making software : Feb10

Rising Solar Activity will disrupt GPS : Feb10

Google Street View Car tagged with GPS Tracker : Feb10

Arnies Speed Cameras Roadblocked : Feb10

Brodit TomTom iPhone car kit adapter : Feb10

World Surfer Augmented Reality with Local Search : Feb10

Nav4All Shuts Down : Jan10

Average Speed Cameras to Save the World : Jan10

CamerAlert : iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android Speed Camera Warning System : Jan10

Speed Cameras To Aid New Yorks Budget Deficit : Jan10

Nokia announce FREE OVI Maps for all : Jan10

Eleven Speed Cameras Per Mile : Jan10

Eleven Speed Cameras Per Mile : Jan10

Support Help for Heroes when you shop online : Jan10

Vodafone launch free iPhone Nav app with a catch : Jan10

RoadTour Announces Ordnance Survey App for iPhone : Jan10

RoadTour Announces Ordnance Survey App for iPhone : Jan10

Gatsnow : Jan10

Your SatNav A Potential Killing Machine : Jan10

VAT Up but our Speed Camera Database still 1999 : Jan10

Norads Santa Tracker Site is now operational : Dec09

Welsh Police Release Numbers of Foreign Speeders Let Off : Dec09

NDrive announce launch of Android compatability : Dec09

Tv On Your SatNav It Appears Its The Future : Dec09

Aware GPS Controlled Airspace Warning Device : Dec09

Over 1600 Speed Cameras Changes in Just 6 Months : Dec09

Traffic Media UK iPhone Traffic Monitoring App : Dec09

125000 Worth of Free Memberships Awarded in 6 Months : Dec09

Cambridgeshire Speeding Statistics 70 of drivers speed : Dec09

A PocketGPSWorld Guide to using forums : Dec09

TVs Mr Lie Detector Lies About Speed Camera Ticket : Dec09

Navigon iPhone App Update 14 Coming Soon : Nov09

97 of Statistics Are Made Up AndOr MisAnalysed : Nov09

Speed Camera Free Swindon Focuses on Accident Investigation : Nov09

Viewranger in for review : Nov09

TomTom add support for iPod Touch and iPhone 2G : Nov09

Popular Free iPhone Dating App Adds GPSBased Chat Feature : Nov09

NDrive Dominate GPS Software for Phones Comparison : Nov09

M11 Speed Camera Increases Accidents and Raises 500kYear : Nov09

Nav N Go Powers GPS RearView Mirror : Nov09

iPhone Touch GPS Cradle launched by Dual Electronics : Nov09

TurnbyTurn Nav For The iPod Touch Approved by Apple : Nov09

NDrive London with Aerial Photo View Released iPhone : Nov09

Reviewed Roadhawk RH1 Black Box InCar GPS Camera : Nov09

Smartphone GPS Usage Surges Ahead in China : Nov09

Carcomm TomTom x40x50 Cradle Available : Nov09

Residents take action against satnav map errors : Nov09

RouteBuddy Atlas 150K OS Great Britain Map Available : Oct09

Google unveils free turnbyturn navigation for Android : Oct09

125 Casualties x 5 years 17 Speed Cameras : Oct09

TurnbyTurn Navigation Comes to The iPod Touch : Oct09

New French Speed Cameras Predicted For UK Roads : Oct09

Columbus nGPS geotagging dongle for Nikon cameras review : Oct09

GMap UK Ireland for iPhone Released : Oct09

DIY Speed Camera Slows Traffic : Oct09

Can Speed Save Lives : Oct09

UK Speed Cameras Safety or Votes : Oct09

NDrive iPhone UK and Ireland Now Available : Oct09

Calling All Speed Camera Warning Virgins : Oct09

Navigon win the Stuff Award 2009 for SatNav : Oct09

Build your own GPS Satellite Build Win A Subscription : Oct09

Wales Plans Mobile Average Speed Cameras : Oct09

Gaia GPS iPhone GPS App with Topo Maps : Oct09

NDrive Coming to iPhone and Android Phones : Oct09

There are new waze in town : Sep09

Speed Cameras Cash Machines or Safety Systems : Sep09

RoadTour Announce Britains Finest : Sep09

LBS Start Up Tops Up His Half Million Dollar Prize : Sep09

Directional Warnings for All Well Nearly : Sep09

Does This Signal the End of Mobile GPS : Sep09

Driver slapped with 900 fine for following TomTom : Sep09

Communicating with Subscribers Newsletter Subscriptions : Sep09

Smartphones Integrated into Vehicle Infotainment Systems : Sep09

Geocoded PostCode Database Leaked Online : Sep09

GyPSii launches on Android : Sep09

Traffic4England RealTime Traffic Alerts for Android : Sep09

TomTom Announce New Location Referencing Technology : Sep09

90 Percent of Wakefields Speed Cameras Are Dummies : Sep09

OS Map Ordnance Survey Maps on Android : Sep09

Garmin Announces Edge 500 Cycling GPS Device : Sep09

Augmented Reality Navigation Wikitude Drive : Sep09

Number Plates Unnecessary For Speed Camera Prosecution : Aug09

Only 27 of UK Drivers Believe Speed Cameras Improve Safety : Aug09

We need your help FREE Two Year subscriptions on Offer : Aug09

Bournemouth Speed Cameras Torched : Aug09

Free Priority Delivery for TomTom Refurbs : Aug09

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[+] Qstarz
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[+] RouteBuddy
[+] Satmap
[+] Sygic
[+] Tele Atlas
[+] TomTom
TomTom launch new Hands Free car kit for SmartPhones : Jul12

TomTom Map Share will cover Olympic travel disruption : Jul12

TomTom lose Renault exclusivity : Jul12

Nike Sportwatch range updated : Jun12

TomTom GO LIVE 1005 World reviewed : Mar12

TomTom Celebrates 20th Birthday : Nov11

TomTom 50m Euro Cost Cutting Drive : Oct11

TomTom Update iOS App v19 Adds iOS5 and iPad Support : Oct11

TomTom Partner With Ford : Oct11

TomTom Needs To Diversify Faster : Sep11

TomTom And Renault Launch InDash Electric Vehicle Nav : Sep11

Asia TomToms Get New Features : Sep11

TomTom shows iPad Navigator Software at IFA 2011 : Sep11

TomTom Introduce Travel Live Services at IFA 2011 : Sep11

TomTom Adds Twitter Expedia TripAdvisor And Yelp : Aug11

Entry Level SatNav TomTom Start 20 Reviewed : Aug11

TomTom Profits Fall Share Price Nosedives : Jun11

TomTom Unveils HD Traffic 50 : Jun11

TomTom Places Is Coming to PNDs and Smartphones : Jun11

TomTom High Speed MultiCharger Reviewed : Jun11

We Meet TomToms MD Corinne Vigreux Before Break Free Event : May11

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS : May11

TomTom Announce GO LIVE 800 Series : May11

TomTom Start 20 series too good for firsttime buyers : May11

Dutch Police Use TomTom Data To Place Speed Traps : Apr11

TomTom Announce Major Latin America Expansion : Apr11

TomTom Tele Atlas Is Not For Sale : Apr11

TomTom Offers Speed Camera Data to Licence Partners : Mar11

TomTom Launch Online Live Traffic Map With HD Live Data : Mar11

TomTom HD Traffic Reveals Extent Of Snow Chaos : Dec10

TomTom to Add 3rd Party POI Support by End of January 2011 : Nov10

TomTom GO LIVE 1000 Review : Nov10

TomTom To The Rescue New Roadside Repair Venture : Oct10

TomTom crack Chinese Market with joint venture : Oct10

TomTom CTO GO 1000 Will Support Custom POIs Next Year : Sep10

TomTom PRO 7100 and 9100 Trucking GPS Announced : Sep10

TomTom iPhone CarKit Now with iPhone 4 Support : Sep10

TomTom update to V9 is broken DO NOT UPDATE : Jul10

TomTom Third party POI alerts are no more : Jul10

Is TomTom moving to a fully closed system : Jun10

TomTom announce multitasking on iPhone iOS 4 : Jun10

Darth Vader joins TomTom Voices LineUp : May10

TomTom update RIDER Meet Urban Rider : Apr10

TomTom GO LIVE 1000 : Apr10

Two New TomTom Models Announced Start2 and XL IQ2 : Mar10

TomTom iPhone adds HD Traffic and Local Search : Mar10

TomTom announced fixed install iPhone car Kit : Feb10

TomTom iPhone Car Kit Review : Feb10

Reviewed TomTom iPhone Car Kit : Feb10

TomTom release FREE iPhone navigation update : Nov09

TomTom Announce GO I90 Integrated Navigation : Oct09

TomTom announce the iPhone Car Kit We get our hand on it : Oct09

TomTom Start Launch in London First impressions : Oct09

TomTom START will get UK 7 Digit PostCodes in future update : Oct09

TomTom moves into Mexico : Oct09

TomTom START launched : Oct09

TomTom unveils GO 7000 TRUCK : Oct09

TomTom Investigated for Insider Trading : Oct09

TomToms iPhone Car Kit Does A Vanishing Act Again : Sep09

TomTom Announce new x50 Range 550 750 950 : Sep09

TomTom iPhone Carkit gets FCC Approval : Sep09

TomTom and Fiat Announce Partnership : Sep09

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NAVTEQ Part 1/3 - A Visit to NAVTEQ 03rd November 2004

Article by Dave Burrows



Many people who read PocketGPSWorld.com and take part in the forums always have questions regarding NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas data, various questions like "why roads are not appearing in the end product release of the software I purchased?". We have been talking at length with both NAVTEQ and TeleAtlas recently about these sorts of questions and how the companies collect their data and process it.


NAVTEQ recently invited the PocketGPSWorld.com Team to visit one of their data field offices based in Borehamwood. Darren, Mike and myself attended the field office and the main objectives were to see NAVTEQ at work, receive a presentation, understand how the various data is collected and mapped into layers, and to take part in a road survey where a NAVTEQ data collection team drive and map some roads.


Introduction to NAVTEQ

As most of you who actively follow GPS and Satellite Navigation will know, NAVTEQ has recently undergone a complete re-branding from it's old name Navigation Technologies (NAVTECH) to the new name NAVTEQ on March 15th 2004.


NAVTEQ was founded in 1985 in Silicon Valley, California focusing on capturing the reality of the road network, Philips Electronics signed on as an early investor and NAVTEQ grew substantially and in 1991 opened it's first European office. Today NAVTEQ has over 1,500 employee's worldwide, with 375European Field Researchers and 575 worldwide researchers in total.


NAVTEQ's headquarters are based in Chicago, USA and NAVTEQ is now one of a few major mapping companies in the world.


NAVTEQ's UK local offices are based in Edinburgh, Newry, Manchester, Leamington Spa, and Borehamwood (the latter being the field office we visited) with an administrative office in Bourne End, Bucks. The NAVTEQ UK team consists of only 28 geographic researchers.


NAVTEQ Data Releases

NAVTEQ currently offer 4 releases per year of their data to their client base. These clients include companies like BMW, Vauxhall, Ford, Alpine, Blaupunkt, Siemens VDO, Garmin, Thales, ALK, Mapopolis, Navigon and many more. NAVTEQ still operate the vision of more is better, and in a an ideal world would like to get to a closer release of every 1 or 2 months which is significantly higher than comparative mapping company releases (TeleAtlas currently offers two releases a year to it's client base).


How NAVTEQ map the streets

NAVTEQ researchers travel in pairs with a GPS receiver mag mounted to the roof of the car using DGPS accurate to one metre. This receiver is connected to a laptop computer using special software to help them check the accuracy of current maps or create new ones. The co-driver constantly talks to the laptop via a connected headset noting all the changes as they travel the roads.


Each researcher manages his or her own geographic area handling the entire process from start to finish. This means consistency, continuity and a quicker update process.


But why is it necessary to spend so much time on the road? Time is spent in the office researching details of road changes provided by local councils, building developers and public notices. However, all this information is field surveyed to ensure the change has definitely taken place; it has been correctly understood; and to observe it from a navigational point of view.


Back in the office, the laptop is simply plugged in and linked to the main database ready for the new information to be coded and sent back to the mainframe. Quality control is, of course, paramount and a series of on-going checks culminate in around 400 software reports which test the new data. Only at this stage is it merged with any existing data and then it is tested all over again…


PocketGPSWorld.com Mapping the Streets

We joined a research team and drove around the roads in Borehamwood with a pre-plotted map on the laptop. The team consisted of:-

  • Driver (Graham - UK & Ireland Country Manager)
  • Co-Driver (Dan - Senior Geographic Researcher and Team Leader in the Borehamwood Office)

The co-driver (Dan) had full control of the laptop. The GPS data feed coming from the DGPS antenna fixed to the roof continued to plot our position on the map (just like it does in your regular SatNav product) but at a moments notice he could click and record an audio file.


Audio files are important and are constantly recorded along the route, contra to popular belief, NAVTEQ take no digital photos or video footage when recording the mapping data. Audio is all NAVTEQ require as it the Geographic Researcher can record every item or object he can see and supplements the recorded positional data. This includes annotations like:-

  • "POI on left - Smith's Hotel "
  • "re-categorise road" - due to speed bumps
  • "left hand turn only"
  • "speed of road 30mph"


Each road name is created as an audio file and not only spoken in full, but also spelt letter by letter to clarify the correct spelling of the road.


Dan also explained to us that mini roundabouts are not recorded as roundabouts. Any roundabout that doesn't have a suitable hard surfaced island in the centre of the roundabout is classified as a mini roundabout and will be treated as a normal junction/cross roads.


The driver although his main task is to drive the streets on the plotted course and to also receive directions from the co-driver if required, he also acts as a backup and can point out various POI's and other restrictions that are not necessarily picked up by the co-driver. All of this data is then recorded and taken back to the field office where the data is uploaded to the server so the data can be worked on.


Below is a sample map which shows exactly what NAVTEQ see when they are driving the streets. You can see various POI prompts and voice annotations on the screen and all this information is recorded back to the server and kept for future use, so if anyone logs a fault on a road and send this to NAVTEQ via their fault reporting website, NAVTEQ can historically return to the data to see when it was last driven, who drove and recorded the information, right down to the annotations used. If data on the road has changed, like from a two-way system to a one-way system, NAVTEQ will clarify this with local agencies, and if needed add it to the projects list to re-drive the road to verify the data.



As you can see from the above screenshot, the mapping data looks very basic, and it doesn't need to be flashy at this stage of the process. Mapping an average size town can only take a couple of megabytes of data which makes data storage easy. It's only when it comes further down the chain to the GPS company who will be writing the application to manipulate NAVTEQ's data will the maps be made to look more like maps that we the consumer would like to see.




ALK - CoPilot Live | PPC 5


Navman SmartST Pro


PowerLOC Destinator





Posted by nej on Wed Nov 03, 2004 5:19 pm Reply with quote

Very interesting article - thanks Dave.

Posted by mark1968 on Wed Nov 03, 2004 6:51 pm Reply with quote

Excellent and Informative article, thank you Dave.

Please follow me on twitter @mdyson1968

Posted by Leeus on Wed Nov 03, 2004 7:19 pm Reply with quote

Yeah thanks guys, good article!

Posted by Dave on Wed Nov 03, 2004 7:34 pm Reply with quote

Hopefully it's given a good insight into how NAVTEQ map the roads and what to expect from NAVTEQ in the very near future! :D

Posted by icsys on Wed Nov 03, 2004 8:12 pm Reply with quote

You should thank Navteq on our behalf for sharing their data collection process.

Now if only TeleAtlas were as accommodating for the benefit of tomTom and navman users Wink

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Posted by snark on Wed Nov 03, 2004 8:20 pm Reply with quote

Another article can be found about Navtech on the PDAFrance website here. Of course it's in French but there are some nice pictures about the stuff they have in the car. So it may be interesting for you to look at, even if you don't understand French. Wink

The greatest prison is the human mind

Posted by snark on Wed Nov 03, 2004 8:33 pm Reply with quote

The article contains links to 2 movies. One has no speech, only music. The second one, on the other hand, has speech ... in English and is very interesting! 8)

The greatest prison is the human mind

Posted by Dave on Thu Nov 04, 2004 8:58 am Reply with quote

icsys Wrote:
You should thank Navteq on our behalf for sharing their data collection process.

Now if only TeleAtlas were as accommodating for the benefit of tomTom and navman users Wink

We do actually have an invite pending from TeleAtlas, but it's trying to fit it in with our busy schedules (and day jobs). It means flying over to mainland Europe as there are no real field offices here in the UK for TeleAtlas.

Posted by proctog on Fri Nov 05, 2004 11:54 am Reply with quote

Great article.

In some of the pictures, the co-driver is holding what I'm pretty sure is a Microsoft SideWinder gamepad - what do they use that for?


Posted by snark on Fri Nov 05, 2004 12:26 pm Reply with quote

The French article says

Un joystick de jeu est aussi utilise afin de faire plus rapidement les modifications (tracés, sélection d’objets,…).

which means
A joystick is also used to do some changes more quickly (layout, object selection, ...

There are no more details about it.

The greatest prison is the human mind

Posted by proctog on Fri Nov 05, 2004 12:39 pm Reply with quote

snark Wrote:
The French article says
Un joystick de jeu est aussi utilise afin de faire plus rapidement les modifications (tracés, sélection d’objets,…).

which means
A joystick is also used to do some changes more quickly (layout, object selection, ...

There are no more details about it.

Thanks. I bet that's a cover story and they just drive around playing games all day Smile


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