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Destinator 9 for iPhone released

Article by: Mike Barrett
Date: 6 May 2010

pocketgpsworld.comBack in January we saw a demonstration of Destinator 9 on the iPhone at CES. It has taken a few months but now it is available in the Apple AppStore for Western Europe. With a price tag of £30 ($50) it represents great value compared to Navigon at £70 and TomTom at £53, but is more comparable with ALK's CoPilot at £36.

Destinator 9 is a fully featured Turn by Turn navigation system with voice guidance and featuring Navteq mapping. It also has iPod controls, easy to use POIs including creation of your own 'StickyPOIs' but seems to lack importing of custom POIs, and does not have support for Speed Cameras.

The full Destinator Press Release follows:

Destinator 9 for iPhone – Experience the Difference

At its core, Destinator 9 is a solid and reliable turn-by-turn navigation application featuring on-board NAVTEQ digital map data for Western Europe and a routing engine that exceeds performance benchmarks. In addition to a host of new features designed to get people to their destinations easily, quickly and safely, Destinator 9 takes the navigation experience to a new level by integrating additional valuable features in the GPS application. Integrated iPod controls, advanced voice guidance, GoogleTM Local Search, NavStrip™, and extensive POI listings are a few examples. Destinator makes it easier to find what you need and get there with less effort and stress. Also, Destinator taps into the new wave of social mapping with a feature that enables the user to send their location or favorite POI to a friend.

The Destinator application is designed specifically with the iPhone user in mind to make the user experience seamless and intuitive with the overall phone experience. Destinator seamlessly blends with the iPhone functions allowing the user to simply route from existing contacts or messages. The integrated iPod™ controls allow for access and control of music while in navigation mode. And, the intuitive NavStrip feature enables the user to navigate to their destination more easily with less “clicks”.

Destinator 9 is now available for Western Europe with superior map coverage for the following countries: Austria, Benelux, Denmark, Eire (Republic of Ireland), Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and more.

Destinator 9 is available at an introductory price of €39.99 for comprehensive coverage of Western Europe including the United Kingdom.

For more information, images and interactive demonstrations please visit www.destinator.com or visit our product page on YouTube at www.YouTube.com/DestinatorGPS.

Feature Highlights for the Destinator 9 iPhone Application:

-On Board NAVTEQ Maps:Providing Western Europe map access and directions regardless of your connection.
-Extensive POI Listings:Coverage of Western Europe includes over millions of on board points-of-interest that are always accessible without a data connection.
-NavStrip™:Convenient access to all of your navigation commands from one intuitive, touch-and-go strip.
-Voice-Guided Directions:Keep focused on the road ahead with easy to understand turn-by-turn voice guidance.
-Lane Assistance: Clear visual guidance to direct you to the right lane for your route.
-In-App iPod Controls: Select songs and control music while in navigation mode.
-StickyPOI: Intuitive one-touch placement of points-of-interest that interest you.
-TapNGo: Simply press any point on the map and navigate to the location.
-Trip Planning: Able to plan multi-destination routes with a convenient trip planning function.
-2D or 3D Mode:Map is offered at your preferred perspective – 2D or 3D.
-Brilliant Map Displays:Crisply rendered maps provide clear guidance.
-Contact Routing: Navigate to an address stored in your Contact list.
-Send-to-Friend: Send your current location or favorite POI to your friend.
-Speed Limits Warnings:Limits are conveniently posted on screen for your current location.
-Google Local Search:Nearby POIs are a click away and a cinch to navigate to.
Posted by zebsogo on Thu May 06, 2010 11:08 am Reply with quote

Maps look a bit Naff to me, No speed camera support.. HELLO.. Also in the US you can download it for free for a 30 day trial. Wonder why you don't get that option in the UK

Navigon 92 Premium Live,TomTom Go 6000,Garmin 2699 LTM-D and a TomTom Go 1005 Live ( For the wife )

Posted by MikeB on Thu May 06, 2010 11:34 am Reply with quote

zebsogo Wrote:
Maps look a bit Naff to me, No speed camera support.. HELLO.. Also in the US you can download it for free for a 30 day trial. Wonder why you don't get that option in the UK

There is no mention of the costs for the "Free" US version, and on top of that there are extra fees for newer maps and traffic.

Mike Barrett
Editor, PocketGPSWorld.com

Posted by jellied on Thu May 13, 2010 11:04 am Reply with quote

I've been a life long Destinator fan but got stuck at version 6 on my iPAQ PDA.

Just seen they do D9 for Android - and sort of tempted. Any comments anyone?

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