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Garmin 100 million products sold

Article by: Darren Griffin
Date: 3 May 2012

Garmin have announced that, after 23 years, they have now sold more than 100million products.

Founded in 1989, Garmin sold their first GPS device in 1991 and reached the 1 million mark six years later in 1997. A mere ten years after that they had surpassed the 25 million mark and now, 5 years further on, that number has grown to 100 million.

It's an impressive achievement. The first GPS I ever owned was a GPS 12 and I still recall the amazement at a handheld device that could plot my position anywhere on the planet.

Garmin will be marking this milestone with a commemorative logo on its product packaging. No mention of a Willy Wonka style golden ticket though.

Source: Garmin blog

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Posted by MaFt on Thu May 03, 2012 8:40 am Reply with quote

Proud to say that my first GPS was also a Garmin - albeit a few years later than yours, it was a StreetPilot i3 (which still works to this day!)


Posted by shelmo on Fri May 04, 2012 12:02 am Reply with quote

My first GPS was a PDA from Medion which was OK

Then I got a Garmin Nuvi 310T which I use to this day.

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