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Wannabe RoboCops Fitted With Speed Cameras

Article by: rob brady
Date: 29 Sep 2011

The Bangkok Post reports on a new phenomenon introduced to the Thai capital's streets.

Dummy police officers have been a feature of Bangkok's streets for some time now, but that's all they were, dummies - just a presence to remind the public to behave themselves.

But now the "officers" have been fitted with closed circuit television cameras and speed cameras and positioned in thirteen locations across the city.

The dummies are all nicknamed Police Sergeant Choey - the word choey is variously described as meaning passive, idle, or silent in the Thai language.

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Posted by john999boy on Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:18 am Reply with quote

I liked this:-

The mannikin law enforcers will help reduce the number of traffic violations and encourage people to be alert when driving

Maybe not during songkran though when the yearly carnage begins?


Posted by afinbk on Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:55 am Reply with quote

If ever there was a city that needed RED LIGHT JUMP cameras at junctions, Bangkok is one of them.. Traffic lights changing from Amber to Red are just an opportunity for motorbikes, cars, taxis, trucks and buses to accelerate hard to ensure they are thru..

If you are ever in Bangkok at the head of the traffic waiting for a light to change to green, my advice is too wait at least 4 - 5 seconds before pulling away unless you want to get collected by the above mentioned hazards.. Did I mentioned that the traffic cops are normally sitting in their air-conditioned 'offices' watching the chaos rather than dealing with this peril

The Bangkok Metro Authority (BMA) recently admitted that many 100's of its CCTV in the city are actually fake and are not really working, perhaps this why they are putting the dummy cameras onto traffic control...


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