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RouteBuddy Atlas v1.1 Update now available

Article by: Darren Griffin
Date: 30 Oct 2009

pocketgpsworld.comRouteBuddy Atlas, the off-line mapping app for iPhone has been updated to v1.1.

This free app allows you to view topographic mapping from the USGS and Ordnance Survey at scales from 1:50k to 1:25k and uses a unique and superbly simple method of installing map files which allows dragín'drop between computer and iPhone regardless of your OS.

We covered the original release and it was met with mixed reviews. As a basic map viewer it worked well but lacked many of the basic features many users wanted.

RouteBuddy have always said that the first release would be improved over time and so this update not only includes numerous bug fixes but also brings feature enhancements including waypoints and tracks.

  • Waypoints can be added individually on the device
  • The current track is now visible on all maps
  • Added ability to share waypoint locations via email
  • Online maps now cache up to 10,000 tiles
  • Waypoints can be added from imported gpx or kml files
  • Phone calls and messages no longer interrupt tracking
  • Smoother dragging of maps, and faster tile loading
  • Added dop to gpx files written out for tracks
  • Added option to hide demo maps
  • Added option to turn off caches
  • Added option to turn off network data access

RouteBuddy Atlas uses the iPhone GPS and if available, the 3GS compass to display your position and heading. Tracks created using Atlas can be exported to Mac or PC for use in Google Earth or the RouteBuddy desktop application.

Maps for use with RouteBuddy Atlas can be purchased from the RouteBuddy store here.


Posted by erne on Sun Nov 01, 2009 4:25 am Reply with quote

Still has the main missing feature to be of use when out on a walk

What I need is the ability to create a route/wapoints on the app before setting off
Then choosing the route and the app directing me along the route

There does not appear any app in the store that does this (basic) function

As I recall memory map for windows phone and Viewranger for Symbian both do this

One day


Posted by HJC on Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:36 am Reply with quote

I'm afraid I am not onmy desktop at the moment so I working fom memory. But it is now possible to insert waypoints on to atlas from your desktop computer. When you connect the iPhone via the server to the Mac/pc you will see a folder called 'points' ( hope my memory is working) into this folder you can drag anddrop gpx/kml waypoint references as exported from the Routbuddy desktop application. I presume this will work with other pc's , sorry I'm a Mac!! wink

I do not believe this yet works with tracks, but knowing the chaps at RB they will be working on it. This is very much a work in progress app but already ithas come on in leaps and bounds. I now have the whole of the OS GB at 1to 50k on my iPhone, that really is an achievment, now I'm happily waiting for the various tune ups that I trust are in the pipeline Hope that helps

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