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S. Yorks Trials Speed Camera Switch Off, Dorset Changes Mind

Article by: robert
Date: 1 Dec 2010

pocketgpsworld.comFour more fixed speed cameras bite the dust, but it looks like they will be replaced by mobiles. BBC News South Yorkshire has reported that the local police are trialling a speed camera switch-off in the their area.

South Yorkshire Police have decided that they will mothball four Rotherham speed cameras as part of an ongoing review into their effectiveness. The local safety camera partnership suggested the cameras were no longer necessary with the police adding that "the decision to temporarily turn off the cameras was due to the low number of people killed or seriously injured in collisions at the sites".

The number of fatalities or casualties at the sites were not reported.

South Yorkshire Police, said that the cameras may be replaced by mobile camera vehicles and vehicle-activated signs. It's unclear why they are considering the use of mobile cameras when they believe the fixed cameras may be unnecessary.

The cameras in question are located on Fenton Road, Rotherham, the A633 at Sandygate, Barnsley Road at West Melton and the A631 Bawtry Road, near Hellaby.

Following on from Oxfordshire's u-turn on decommissioning their cameras, the Dorset Echo has reported that fixed cameras in Dorset are also set to remain in place despite claims that they would be switched off this autumn due to government budget cuts.
Posted by Guivre46 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:00 pm Reply with quote

It's all been said, hasn't it?

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Posted by Skippy on Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:15 am Reply with quote

South Yorkshire Police Wrote:
the decision to temporarily turn off the cameras was due to the low number of people killed or seriously injured in collisions at the sites.

I don't get what they are trying to say here. "The cameras prevent accidents so we are going to switch them off". Laughing

Or do they mean that cameras have permanently changed peoples driving behaviour such that they are no longer required?

When I see a camera I check my speed and slow down if necessary. If they remove the cameras then I've got no reason to check speed and I'll drive on at what I perceive as being the safe and comfortable speed for the conditions. Surely many other motorists are the same.

Perhaps what they mean is that fixed cameras aren't making enough money and they want to remove them. People will then speed up and they can trap them with new mobile cameras?

Gone fishing!

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