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Arizona Turns Off State Level Speed Cameras

Article by: robert
Date: 17 Jul 2010

pocketgpsworld.comThe Telegraph has reported that Arizona, the first to deploy speed cameras across a whole state, has scrapped its speed camera programme.

The decision was based on a mix of privacy concerns ("the intrusive nature of the system" was cited) and widespread public anger surrounding the belief that the cameras were primarily revenue generators and had little to do with safety. This is despite the Department of Public Safety claim of a resultant 19 per cent drop in fatal collisions on highways.

Only 16 per cent of those ticketed by the cameras actually paid up, but the cash-strapped state still managed to generate 50 million in revenue from the scheme.

Arizona preempted the expected 2011 end-of-agreement date with contractors Redflex. The scheme's introduction in October 2008 created significant public outrage leading to many cameras being vandalised and, tragically, one of Redflex's camera operators being shot dead whilst on duty in April 2009.

Only speed cameras previously under the control of the state authority have been switched of following the decision. Those introduced by local authorities in several Arizonan cities remain unaffected.
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