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We Talk to Route 66

Article by: maft
Date: 1 Mar 2012

While we were at Mobile World Congress we caught up with Route 66 for a brief chat to see what they were up to. They were one of the later ones to release an Android navigation app but they have still saw over 400,000 downloads in the first three months alone and a steady 100,000 or so in the months that followed.

They mentioned that they have received a lot of useful feedback from the Android community and are working on various updates to add new features. These include regional maps (currently you pay a single 50 fee for worldwide maps) as well as some minor bug fixes and other additions. They are working on an iPhone version of their app but this has been delayed slightly as they want to make sure the requested features that are being added to the Android version will be in the iPhone version from day one.

Their unique "Follow Me" augmented reality feature is now one year old and Route 66 have said they are working on other novel, but useful, features. While we couldn't get any finer details it was hinted that these could include the phone reading the speed limit signs to make sure that the current speed limit is up to date in the app as well as reading other road signs and acting accordingly.

Have you used Route 66 on your Android device? Do you think they may be too late to the iPhone AppStore make an impact in the already crowded navigation section?

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Posted by Kremmen on Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:27 am Reply with quote

If they had agreed to go into partnership with the PGPSW camera database and allowed them to be directional I'd buy one.

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