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TV's Mr. Lie Detector Lies About Speed Camera Ticket

Article by: robert
Date: 2 Dec 2009

pocketgpsworld.comThe Guardian has reported that Bruce Burgess, TV's lie detector expert, has lied to police in an attempt to evade prosecution for speeding following his vehicle being caught by a speed camera breaking a 30mph limit in Portsmouth.

Burgess, who has provided polygraph tests for the Jeremy Kyle Show, The Trisha Show, The Jerry Springer Show and This Morning, told police he was not the driver.

The cost of lying:

  • He received a 24-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months

  • He was ordered to carry out 180 hours of community service

  • He was fined 250 for the speeding offence

  • He was given 3 points on his licence causing him a year's disqualification

  • He was ordered to pay 1,250 in costs

  • He was ordered to pay 15 victim surcharge

  • Pc Mick Gear, of the Hampshire Safety Camera Partnership, was reported as saying: "This started off as a speeding offence and has turned out to be a criminal matter which has involved a possible prison sentence with the possible loss of livelihood and all the embarrassment that goes with that. This could have been dealt with very easily and it is just not worth the risk so my advice is to put your hands up at the first opportunity."
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