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Navigon Add 22 Million POIs To SatNav Devices

Article by: Mike Barrett
Date: 9 Jun 2011

Navigon announced today that they are selling POI add-on packages to their SatNavs. Sourced from OpenStreetMap these are community generated data as opposed to the normal mapping company sourced data. Despite obtaining the data through OpenStreetMap Navigon have provided some editorial control over the POIs removing duplicates and 'unverifiable' entries (whatever those are).

There are 6 POI sets available priced at £4.00 each or all 6 for £8.00 and are available as downloads from Navigon Fresh. A special bonus for registered Navigon 70 series owners is that these POIs can be downloaded for free until June 30th.

The full Navigon press release follows:

New POI packages from NAVIGON: site-specific information in 44 countries

NAVIGON releases a new POI line-up. With six different packages, car drivers get up to 2.2 million POIs throughout the whole of Europe. Now users can find a nearby pharmacy, museum or parking space even faster. The extra destinations can be downloaded easily onto devices via NAVIGON Fresh.

London, 9th May 2011 – A total of approximately 2.2 million extra points of interest (POIs) are available now for car drivers to download onto their devices. Six new packages will provide owners of NAVIGON devices with useful points of interest in up to 44 countries across Europe.

The new packages of POIs are based on data from OpenStreetMap, an Internet platform where every user can enter his own POIs. NAVIGON has processed this data, transforming it into a valuable resource. Repeat entries and unverifiable entries were excluded. “Recommendations provided by users for other users are the best kind of recommendation,” says Jörn Watzke, executive vice-president of Product Line Management at NAVIGON. “With our new range of POIs, we are releasing this array of these personal POIs for our navigation devices for the first time.”

Six packages to choose from:
Users have the choice between six different packages. The “Points of interest package: all in one” offers the full collection of 2.2 million POIs, but users can also choose a package that only includes a certain category of POI. The optional categories are: “Points of interest package: health”, “Points of interest package: food and drink”, “Points of interest package: shopping”, “Points of interest package: leisure activities” and “Points of interest package: park and ride”. Sub-categories within the different packages make selection easier – for example, the “Points of interest package: leisure activities” contains “Museums” or “cinemas” as sub-sections.

Posted by MaFt on Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:24 pm Reply with quote

Interesting. I wonder if they get around the license stuff by mentioning their 'editorial control'. OSM are pretty strict on their data being sold...

Might be covered by this unwanted use-case scenario: OSM commercial map company using OSM data to plug gaps in their commercial products

Posted by willton on Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:50 am Reply with quote

Begs the question why is it impossible to upload other third party data - e.g. PGPSW Speed Cam data - to Navigon programs.
Clearly the programs can accept other data, so why not speed cams.

Posted by Skintdad678 on Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:57 am Reply with quote

just went to download the free POI's released today by Navigon; Fresh then wanted to update my Navigon 70 device software to 7.7.10. I allowed it to do this as previous updates had gone through OK. This one went OK but it did not inform me until after the update that during the reboot process my device would be restored to default factory settings. I will have to go through the device and make the appropriate changes to customise it to my liking but the biggest loss so far is all of the addreses I had saved in MyFavourites.
Just wanted to let you know in case you can pre-empt any of the changes it makes before you update.
Does anyone know how I can recover the addresses in My Favourites - I had made a backup prior to updating.

Posted by BigPerk on Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:49 pm Reply with quote

Hi Skintdad678 - long time, no hear!

Bad News & Good News, I'm afraid:

- Favourites are stored in internal memory in the 70 ("MN"), and inaccessible, so they cannot be restored. So you will have to re-input them all again. The download actually DID say about the factory reset, but it's easily missed - they actually issued a small change notice for the first time with the update. But there's not much you can do about it as you are forced to do the update before you can do anything else anyway, by default.

- But, for the future, I found suggestions for a workaround on the German pocketnavigation.de site @

[Update] PR70-Live -- v7.7.5 verfügbar
You might like to look through it with Google Translate to get a bit of a 'feel'. What I did was:

- FIRST!!! The initial precautionary steps I outlined in my last post about making the change to 'solve' the Voice Control/Volume problem;

- connect the 70 (with card) to the PC and open the WINDOWS folder descriptions;

- In Live70 memory/NAVIGON/settings find the ApplicationSettingsPathes.xml file;

- Find the Favourites entry (and the Last Locations, if you want to save them as well). They should look like -

{open chevron}Favorites{close chevron} /MN/ NAVIGON / Favorites / Favorites.store {open chevron}/ Favorites{close chevron},
{open chevron}RecentTargets{close chevron} /MN/ NAVIGON / Favorites / RecentTargets.store {open chevron}/ recent targets{close chevron};

- change the entries as follows to keep the favourites (and the last locations if you want) on the card, which I did, by just changing "MN" to "Storage Card":

{open chevron}Favorites{close chevron} / Storage Card / NAVIGON / Favorites / Favorites.store {open chevron}/ Favorites{close chevron}
{open chevron}RecentTargets{close chevron} / Storage Card / NAVIGON / Favorites / RecentTargets.store {open chevron}/ recent targets{close chevron}

- If there is NOT a 'NAVIGON' folder on the card already, create one (I think there is though);

- Then disconnect and do a reset (just an ordinary one I think, not a factory reset), and that should be it. There were other suggestions about creating subfolders in the NAVIGON folder, but mine ended up empty, with the 'favourites' and 'recent targets' files just stored in the main NAVIGON folder on the card - so as the folders were presumably not used, I don't think they are necessary.

- Re-input your favourites. You might like to connect the 70 again after you've created a few, just to see that the file HAS been created on the card. I think you can also store them on the unit by replacing "MN" with "My Flash Disk" instead, if you prefer, but I didn't do that.

I had done this before this latest update and they came through ok. Laughing It's possible though in a future release that 'settings' gets reloaded putting the original paths back, so make sure you do a PC backup (in addition to any Fresh Backups) of all your 70 & Card files/folders so you can get them back if that does happen.

Good luck - give a shout if you have any problems.


I should have added a couple of other points:

- if you have access to MS Outlook or Gmail and you can store your favourites in there as Contacts, FRESH provides an import facility, so you wouldn't need the workaround described above;

- there is no export facility at present; you cannot save internal 'Favourites' through Fresh - ie you can import them IN from somewhere else, but you can't export them OUT;

- this means whichever method you use, you need to set up your Favourites manually FIRST; I have not found a way so far of digging existing Favourites out of the internal memory and putting them somewhere else (what I've found is in German and I can't make head or tail of it so far Embarassed !!); so any Favourites you store on a journey, you would have to add them later to Outlook/Gmail as well.
EDIT 2 ( Shocked ) Have now seen a post which I CAN understand which DOES save your existing Favourites as well Laughing Laughing

(Navigon 70 Live, Nuvi 360)

Posted by Skintdad678 on Fri Jun 10, 2011 5:04 pm Reply with quote

Thanks for taking the time to reply David, much appreciated.

However, I think I can see the logic but it seems a bit complicated for me to undertake - frightened of breaking something!

As an aside, I am trying to determine if I can now get the PGPSW safety cameras on to my Navigon. Would the correct POI Warner version be Mobile Navigator 7 for my 70 live?

I understand that there was a limit on the number of POI's on the Navigon device which precluded the PGPSW camera database. I cannot find out if that is still the case but I am confident you will know the answer to this!

I am pleased with the 70; I have used it in Spain and just recently in Crete. It struggled with some of the pronunciations though!

Thanks agaqin,


Posted by BigPerk on Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:42 pm Reply with quote

Hi Trevor. I sounds complicated I know (I'm good at that Rolling Eyes ), but it's actually quite straightforward once you look through the suggestions - I took time to look at them before I decided what to do, but then it worked first time. Still, I appreciate your caution!

Turning to POIs - you are right that it's the MN7 POI_Warner you need, but unfortunately the 70 needs Version 4, which is not available in the UK yet. In the meantime, the 70 will accept up to 10,000 POIs, so you can't load all PGPSW's data. So I use Navigon's own fixed camera data (no doubt nowhere as good as PGPSW's but has the cameras on my routes so far), and use PGPSW as a top up for Redlights and Specs. Again, I came across a one-line change which increases the 70's limit by a moderate amount but I don't really need it yet.

Loading PGPSW files into Navigon's 'MyPOIs' is very straightforward - if you download the .csv version of the files you want into a PC folder called 'MyPOIs' you can then take them straight onto the 70 with Fresh (70 User Manual helps).

(Navigon 70 Live, Nuvi 360)

Posted by Skintdad678 on Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:41 am Reply with quote

Thanks David, more words of wisdom yet again!

I will look through the instructions again and have a go when I am more confident.

Thanks for the note on the POI's, hadn't thought of just loading the Redlights and Specs ones. Will try that also.

Have a good weekend,


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