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    TomTom Announce GO I-90 Integrated Navigation

    Article by: Darren Griffin
    Date: 20 Oct 2009

    pocketgpsworld.comTomTom have today unveiled the GO I-90, a Double-DIN integrated navigtion/infotainment solution for aftermarket fitment.

    The GO I-90 provides radio, music via the MP3 playback capability of the GO device, hands-free phone calls and all routed through your vehicle speaker system.

    The navigation unit is also removable and can be used on its own or in another vehicle using a travel kit.

    Priced at Euro 599 with maps of Western Europe (installation extra), the GO I-90 will be available through specialist retailer from December 2009. TomTom are recommending this system be installed by a professional dealer.

    GO I-90 specification

    • Pre-installed map of Western Europe***.
    • TomTom Map Share™ technology – so drivers get daily map changes from the TomTom community.
    • TomTom Safety Alerts, including safety cameras.
    • Enhanced Positioning Technology – for uninterrupted navigation, even in tunnels.
    • Improved hands-free calling – so drivers can make and answer phone calls safely while driving.
    • Help-Me! emergency menu - local information to get help quickly.
    • Optional iPod support - optimal support for iPod playback and iPod charging.
    • Extensive phone compatibility.
    • Optimised TMC reception through the car’s antenna.
    • Latest map guarantee.
    • TomTom HOME desktop software for everything a driver needs to keep the device up to date.
    • Address speech recognition and text-to-speech.
    • USB connection for MP3/I-pod.

    Radio specification

    • Amplifier (4 x 40 WATT).
    • FM reception.
    • RDS support for PS, AF, TA.
    • AM reception (LW and MW).
    • Built in TMC receiver.
    • Ready for steering wheel control (3rd party accessory).
    • Connectors to car and outside world (GPS, USB, iPod).
    • 2 DIN box.
    • No CD drive.


    GO I-90 - Device Removed

    GO I-90 FrontGO I-90 iPod


    GO I-90 Menu

    Posted by jonandmarkuk on Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:15 pm Reply with quote

    Just looks like an updated model of the TomTom unit in my Yaris. Hopefully TomTom will actually be interested in supporting this if they are branding it themselves.
    Judging by the number of problems Toyota had with crashing units I doubt they will be so willing to go with another product dealers have to support and fix (as they did mine).

    Toyota did do a fantastic job of sorting out the issues, TomTom on the other hand couldn't care. Sometimes when too many companies are involved support becomes a nightmare when they all blame each other.

    Shame that they still make the ipod link optional. I was going to look at the 'cable' for mine until I realised how ridiculously expensive it was.

    Navigon 8450 LIVE

    Posted by Darren on Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:39 pm Reply with quote

    At the end of the day, any issues with equipment supplied to you as part of a new vehicle rest with the supplying dealer and manufacturer. That particular Eclipse unit was doomed from the start. Originally revealed a year or more before as a US Market device it was not a TomTom product but an Eclipse one (who are now Fujitsu).

    From what I have been told it did not sell well (unsurprisingly with it's 80's design) and the units that were sold to Toyota may have been offered at a huge discount by the manufacturer rather than TT. If that is true then it isn't surprising that TT were loathe to support it. Any issues would be between Toyota and whomever they did the deal.

    Notwithstanding that, this I-90 could prove a nice solution if you're lucky enough to have a DoubleDIN slot in your car. I have an Alpine iPod Head Unit. This has a radio and full iPod integration but no CD or Tape. The iPod plugs into the glovebox and album art and full iPod control is provided by the jog wheel on the head unit.

    The I-90 could offer similar functionality with the added bonus of a fitted nav system. No need for CD's any longer. But I too wish iPod support was included and full charging of the iPod as well is necessary.

    Darren Griffin

    Posted by MaFt on Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:55 pm Reply with quote

    most fords have double din. i'm not sure if many other 'normal' cars come with double din though, at least not in the uk. is it more common in mainland europe?


    Posted by Darren on Tue Oct 20, 2009 1:15 pm Reply with quote

    It's a lot more common in modern cars now. It used to be a US thing with some Japanese cars adopting it but now it's becoming a standard with the availability of so many nav systems and other screen based units necessitating the extra real estate.

    Darren Griffin

    Posted by spmorriss on Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:04 pm Reply with quote

    Surely they could have produced something better looking than that....

    Posted by mikealder on Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:31 pm Reply with quote

    My V70 is double DIN as are a lot of other Ovlovs but I wouldn't want that in the dash it just doesn't look right, Also the menu looks TomTom x20 style which is rather old hat these days, I would have thought new devices would be running Navcore 9 - Mike

    Posted by Darren on Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:41 pm Reply with quote

    I'm with you on that! Compared with other solutions it's dull at best and at worst I'd dare to say ugly.

    I concede that the removable nav unit feature is a welcome bonus and it is a lot cheaper. Other Double-Din systems start at 700+ whereas the I-90 is 545 (at todays exchange rates).

    Bu compare it with a random sample of solutions from Alpine, Kenwood & Pioneer and it doesn't exactly inspire:

    Even if we assume that the screen size is a limitation necessitated by the removable screen I'm sure it could have been made a little more attractive. Design counts for a lot these days and aesthetics are very important.

    Darren Griffin

    Posted by mikealder on Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:55 pm Reply with quote

    Shop around a GPS equipped head unit that can play all sorts including rear view camera with a nice 7" display can be found for well under 200, add in the price of decent software and you will have plenty of change for under half the cost of the I-90 :

    Thats not the best of pictures but it fits the hole in the dash and works very well, was even supplied with an optional GPS aerial puck that magnetically sticks under the dash - Mike

    Posted by Darren on Tue Oct 20, 2009 5:03 pm Reply with quote

    They're nice but do they offer a radio function?

    Darren Griffin

    Posted by mikealder on Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:42 pm Reply with quote

    AM, MW, FM CD, DVD (incl video to the rear of the head rest monitors, only displayed when stationary in the front) mp3 support when loaded to CD, DVD, SD card or memory stick, full phone control (even though I don't use this feature), GPS, rear view camera which is auto selected when the car is in reverse. I know it does more than this but thats a brief summary and with 60W per channel available feeding the car its more than adequate.

    What strikes me as rather strange with respect to the TT unit, is why offer a device to replace the built in head unit that doesn't suit the car (style), the vehicle manufacturers have for a very long time (and still do) supply options for factory fitted devices that are nothing short of useless in terms of functionality, specifically custom POI support amongst one of the major shortfalls.

    A basic add on nav unit costing just 100 will outperform the factory fit items which cost up to ten times more. This I-90 unit doesn't look particulaly stylish and costs a fortune compared to what is available in the market place. The unit I have has the ability to change the colour scheme so it even blends in to the fake wood (plastic) the dash is made from in the Volvo, if the unit I have packs up I would get another one only next time it will have a freeview Digi receiver built in as the TV tuner in mine is only for the standard analogue transmissions which are soon to be disabled in the North West, the I-90 is way over priced and very limitted in what it can do in comparison to other hardware if you are prepared to shop around avoiding the big names such as Kenwood/ Pioneer - Mike

    Posted by Darren on Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:53 pm Reply with quote

    mikealder Wrote:
    the I-90 is way over priced and very limitted in what it can do in comparison to other hardware if you are prepared to shop around avoiding the big names such as Kenwood/ Pioneer - Mike

    Whilst I agree that your system sounds great, you really can't say the I-90 is overpriced when compared against the competitors it really should be compared with.

    For many, brand name is everything and the point here is it offers the removable unit for use when walking or in a 2nd car, hire car etc. Yes it compares poorly against a device such as yours but then so does every other PND against similar no-name Far East imports. But that isn't a fair comparison.

    Some will choose Kenwood or Alpine because it will form part of a high end audio system with amps and other kit. Others may favour the TomTom for the very reason that it is a TomTom and they would never consider a system such as yours.

    Your solution is great but it is not a one for the majority who want brand name products and shop at high street retailers.

    Darren Griffin

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