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Ireland Outsources After Dark Speed Cameras

Article by: robert
Date: 5 Jun 2010

pocketgpsworld.comThe Irish Independent have reported that private speed cameras will be deployed across Ireland to specifically target drivers after dark.

A private consortium, "Go-Safe", which includes the Australian speed camera manufacturer Redflex, will be paid by the hour as opposed to the prosecution.

It will operate 45 mobile cameras in rotation between more than 600 locations. 6,000 hours of checks would be carried out every month within identified and publicised zones with a history of death and injury.

Justification cited for the initiative was that road deaths fell by 40 percent in France and 30 percent in Sweden when similar schemes were introduced. The target is for a reduction of 50 road deaths each year on Irish roads. Research claims that speeding was directly responsible for 80 fatalities on Irish roads in 2009.

The scheme is also reported to save money - indeed it could boost the Republic's coffers. Apart from the obvious emotional costs, it costs 2.8 million Euros for each fatality in Ireland and therefore if only 6 lives out of the targeted 50 were saved per year, the 16 million a year for five years contract costs would be easily recovered. The costs of the presumed increase in disablement as a result of the again presumed increased survival rate was not discussed.
Posted by dorsetwurzel on Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:45 pm Reply with quote

Having just returned from a week in the west of Ireland I can assure you that there is absolutly no chance of getting done for speeding or come to think of it, getting anywhere near the speed limit and staying on the tarmac in Mayo!

I bought a copy of the local newspaper and somebody did manage to get banned doing 100kph! It must have been on the only good bit of road in Mayo which is just 300 metres either side of Knock Airport! You would have thought with the extra 10 euro they remove from every passenger's wallet as you go through to departures a little more could have been spent on some road upgrades.

*rant over!*

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Posted by MaFt on Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:04 am Reply with quote

tafrost Wrote:
...there is absolutly no chance of getting done for speeding or come to think of it, getting anywhere near the speed limit and staying on the tarmac in Mayo!

perhaps this is why they wanted paying per hour rather than per prosecution - you know, as extra proof that it's all about the money Very Happy



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