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Wired GPS Receivers basically consist of a GPS Receiver, which looks similar to a PC mouse, which is powered by the car battery via a car accessory plug. This plug will not only power the GPS Receiver, but the PDA too using a Y-Splitter that is sold with the GPS Receiver.

Wired GPS Receivers are great if you have a Pocket PC or Palm and primarily want to have a GPS in-car. However if you want to take a receiver out of the car and use for walking or hiking, the wired GPS Receivers are not really practical, and you should look at a PDA GPS Sleeve/CF Card GPS Receiver, or a Handheld GPS Receiver


copilot-usb-gps.php CoPilot USB GPS Receiver Review
PocketGPS Review USB CoPilot ALK GPS Receiver X5 X6 6010 Rikaline X7
fortuna-u2-gps.php Fortuna U2 USB Mouse GPS Receiver Review
Click here for the review of the Fortuna U2 USB Mouse GPS Receiver
globalsat-br355-gps-review.php Globalsat BR-355 SiRF III GPS receiver review
Sometime ago Globalsat released the well received BT-338 SiRF III bluetooth GPS, they have now followed that up with two SiRF III mouse receivers. This review looks at the BR-355 a GPS mouse receiver with a PS2 connector. I spent a week driving around New England in the USA testing the performance of this new GPS receiver.
globalsat-br305.php GlobalSat BR305 serial mouse gps receiver review
GlobalSat BT308 bluetooth gps receiver review.
haicom203edamage.php Haicom 203e Damage
I have been receiving quite a few emails recently about damage people are receiving from their Haicom 203E GPS Mouse. This doesn
haicom204s.php Haicom 204S GPS Receiver Review
Haicom have released the new 204 series of Haicom GPS Mouse. The GPS we are reviewing here is the new Haicom 204S with cable support for a HP iPAQ 2210.
holuxgm210.php Holux GM-210 Review
The Holux GM-210 sports SBAS (EGNOS/WAAS), a Sirf II chipset with a cold start of less than 45 seconds on average. The update rate is 1 second continuous and comes in a variety of different connectors.
holux-gr-211.php Holux GR-211 GPS Receiver
This review is of Holux
holuxhw.php Holux SuperMouse GM-210 GPS Receiver Review
Holux Technology Inc. is one of the many GPS equipment manufacturers based in Taiwan. They are currently represented in the UK by Holux-UK (the GM-210 is referred to as the
itrekmouse.php iTrek Mouse Review
The iTrek is a serial mouse GPS receiver and sold by Semsons in America. The mouse is a re-badged GlobalSat BR305 and can be connected to over a dozen different types of PDA as well as standard 9 pin Serial and USB devices.
leadtek9531.php Leadtek 9531 GPS Receiver Review
The Leadtek 9531 is no dark horse. It
leadtek9532.php Leadtek 9532 (SiRF II) GPS Receiver Review
The Leadtek 9532 supersedes the original Leadtek 9531. The 9532 has a nice bright new design, rather than the old boxy gray style, the new Leadtek has a radical round design with a light blue/cyan colour to the receiver. Leadtek is a good name behind GPS Receivers, and one that both TomTom and PowerLOC have partnered with to bundle the receiver with their latest products.
rikaline-gps-6010-x5.php Rikaline GPS 6010 X5 Mouse GPS Receiver Review
Click here for the review of the Rikaline GPS 6010 X5 Mouse GPS Receiver
onyx.php RoyalTek Onyx RFG-1000
The Onyx is a small flat square GPS Receiver sporting a low power chipset and an 8 channel GPS Receiver. The Onyx weighs in at a light 25 grams and is only 57mm x 50m in size.
sapphire.php Royaltek Sapphire
The design of the RoyalTek Sapphire GPS Receiver has quite a radical look. You either like it or you hate it. I
sapphire2.php Royaltek Sapphire
The design of the RoyalTek Sapphire GPS Receiver has quite a radical look. You either like it or you hate it. I
sanavavl.php San Jose Navigation AU-3G-GSM and HA-26
San Jose Navigation Incorporated is a GPS company and turnkey solution manufacturer specializing in mobile and marine GPS recievers and antennas. SA Nav are located in Taiwan.
tfacmg30.php TFAC Review MG30
TFAC are going to be on a winner with this design, the receiver looks pretty sexy! We


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