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Haicom 203e Damage

29th October 2003

Article by Dave Burrows


I have been receiving quite a few emails recently about damage people are receiving from their Haicom 203E GPS Mouse.  This doesn't appear to be isolated incidents, and although most of this is thought to be because the GPS has been getting hot and left on the dashboard in the hot summer, they all seem to be experiencing the problem in the same areas of the case. 


The damage you can see by clicking on the photos below.  Around each of the four screws that hold the Haicom 203E together, the outer plastic moulded case has started to fracture as if the screws have been over tightened, and with heat the case has expanded slightly and caused the case to fracture around the screw holes. 


Please note, no mechanical failure has occurred, but case damage has.  Thanks to Alan Parkinson for the photos!


Click any of the photos below to have them pop up and enlarge.


Click on picture for full image Click on picture for full image Click on picture for full image



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