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RoyalTek Sapphire RGM-2000

31st May 2003

 Review by Dave Burrows


We had previously reviewed the RoyalTek Sapphire GPS Mouse back in late 2002, but recently RoyalTek re-released this great GPS Mouse still as the RGM-2000 but with a newly designed cable set.  There really aren't any noticeable differences in the tests we performed, but the new cables are much better. 


The design of the RoyalTek Sapphire GPS Receiver has quite a radical look.  You either like it or you hate it.  I'm definitely in the like it camp.  I'm not overly sure what makes it look nice, whether it's the size of the receiver being so small, or the nice blackish purple dome, but the name says it all!


It also looks like a trackball mouse which I've adored and used for a number of years, so that's probably why I like it.  Mystery I think is what

RoyalTek Sapphire GPS Receiver

shrouds this receiver.  It could even be a car alarm or tracker in disguise sitting on the dashboard and no one would be the wiser.


The old Sapphire had a PS/2 Plug/Socket combination, where as the new one has a specialised groove plug which creates a much stronger bond between cables.


The newly designed Y cable set for the Sapphire RGM-2000 is much better in my opinion.  PDA's supported include:-


- iPAQ 36/37/38/39/54 series

- Casio E125/E200/E500

- Jornada 540/560

- Fujitsu Siemens Loox

- Dell Axim

- Yakumo delta

- NEC E200/300

- ViewSonic V35

- Toshiba e740

- Palm 5xx Series

- O2 XDA! 


Old Cable Set

New Cable Set


The good news is that any cable sets for the new Sapphire RGM-2000 will also fit the Onyx RFG-1000 making it very easy to interchange cables across models. 


RoyalTek have quite an impressive set of cables for the new Sapphire.  RoyalTek sent us a 3800 connector cable set.  You can also purchase a serial or USB connector allowing you to connect the Sapphire direct to your laptop if you desire a larger screen.


The sapphire is pretty small, only 5cm in diameter which must make this one of the smaller and more desirable and attractive looking GPS receivers around.


In our tests we found the sapphire to perform flawlessly.  In our tests the Sapphire didn't come out as the fastest receiver in the form of Time To First Fixes, but it's not far off.  We found our average TTFF with the Sapphire RGM-2000 to be around 44 seconds.  Once it received it's lock, there were very few times where it would lose a fix altogether.  For several days I stashed the Sapphire under the passenger seat, and although TTFF's were extended slightly, it worked quite well considering what was above it!


The bottom of the receiver is magnetic so if you wanted to fit this to the exterior of the car and pass the cable inside, then you can.  The only thing the receiver is really lacking is a felt type backing for the base.  One thing we did find due to it's size and light weight, it did seem quite quick to slide across the dashboard of the car.  A small square of double sided sticky tape should soon put a fix to that.


We have taken a high intensity fill-in flash photo from the top of the receiver so you could take a look inside the darkened sapphire's glass.  The receiver itself is really quite small, with the circuit board lying underneath. 


The RoyalTek Sapphire sports the following features:-

  • Compact size

  • Twelve parallel channels

  • Built-in active antenna

  • Super-cohesive magnetic for installation

  • High sensitivity to satellite signal

  • Low power consumption

Technical Specifications

  • Twelve parallel channels in GPS.

  • Built-in active antenna.

  • Super-cohesive magnetic for installation.

  • High sensitivity to satellite signal.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Apply to any devices with nine-pin COM port & PS2 ,USB and some specific PDA.

  • NMEA 2.2 GGA, GSA, GSV and RMC, Baud rate 4800bps.

  • Navigation update rate: 1Hz.


GPS Hardware TTFF (Time To First Fix)



Test 1


Test 2


Test 3


Test 4


Test 5








CoPilot CF 1m 22s 1m 8s 56s 1m 17s 54s 1m 07s 52s 16s
Emtac Sleeve/CoPilot 40s 37s 42s 37s 46s 40.4s 10s 9s
Emtac/Socket BT GPS 47s 53s 42s 36s 38s 43.2s 10s 17s
Garmin eTrex 39s 44s 40s 41s 43s 41.4s 8s N/A
Garmin eTrex Summit 38s 41s 45s 39s 42s 41.0s 8s N/A
Garmin eTrex Vista 37s 57s 32s 35s 38s 39.8s 17s N/A
Garmin GPSMap76 42s 34s 23s 56s 32s 37.4s 12s N/A
Garmin GPSMap76S 32s 53s 32s 39s 36s 38.4s 11s N/A
Garmin Geko 101 1m 37s 45s 38s 44s 41s 53s 15s 13
Garmin Geko 201 34s 45s 38s 43s 40s 40s 19s 10
HaiCom 302 CF 50s 33s 1m 25s 36s 1m 25s 57.8s 23s 10s
HaiCom 303 MMF 42s 1m 05 s 41s 1m 02 s 1m 18s 57.6s 36s 3s
Holux GM-210 42s 38s 35s 37s 42s 38.8s 30s 4s
Holux GM-270 54s 1m 07 s 1m 03s 50s 1m 12s 61.2s 39s 4s
Holux GM-270U 46s 49s 42s 1m 01 s 49s 49.4s 35s 3s
Holux GR-230 1m 02s 55s 50s 49s 52s 53.6s 39s 5s
LeadTek 9531 / 9532 29s 37s 39s 41s 43s 37.8s 9s 5s
Magellan Meridian Range of GPS 38s 53s 43s 33s 35s 40.4s 18s 15s
Magellan SporTrak Range of GPS 37s 47s 46s 41s 41s 42.4s 19s 16s
Navman 3000 (ROM 2.0.0) 49s 52s 1m 33s 3m 23s 8m 5s 2m 56s 20s 11s
Navman 3400/3420 (ROM 2.1.2) 1m 33s 2m 30s 1m 32s 52s 1m 17s 1m 32.8s 20s 12s
Navman 3450 (ROM 2.1.2) 57s 50s 1m 09s 48s 1m 0s 56.8s 20s 11s
Navman 4400 53s 1m 03s 1m 19s 54s 53s 1m 00.4s 0s 0s
Pretec Compact CF 1m 28s 2m 47s 57s 45s 1m 2s 1m 23s 1m 16s 12s
Pretec Compact LP CF 3m 48s 5m 32s 4m 59s 1m 53s 4m 02s 4m 04s 52s 33s
Rikaline X5 41s 41s 34s 41s 42s 39.5s 39s 0s
Rikaline X6 34s 60s 44s 48s 57s 48.6s 38s 0s
RoyalTek Onyx 1m 28s 1m 39s 2m 23s 1m 38s 1m 35s 1m 46s 1m 24s 17s
RoyalTek Sapphire RGM 1m 02s 1m 0s 56s 41s 55s 54.8s 37s 10s
RoyalTek RBT-3000 57s 46s 43s 41s 55s 48.4s 30s 9s
RoyalTek RGM-2000 48s 52s 40s 45s 39s 44.8s 33s 7s
SysOnChip BT GPS 48s 77s 66s 67s 51s 61.8s 37s 4s
SysOnChip CF Plus (SIRFXTrac) 40s 30s 33s 38s 39s 36s 30s 0s
TFAC MG30 Mouse 1m17s 1m 26s 1m 38s 1m 36s 2m 11s 1m 37s 34s 4s
TomTom Bluetooth GPS 48s 52s 46s 59s 51s 51.2s 37s 3s

























CoPilot CF 54s 1m 22s Not Stated 52s N/A 16s N/A
Emtac Sleeve/CoPilot 37s 46s Not Stated 10s N/A 9s N/A
Emtac/Socket BlueTooth GPS 36s 53s 1m 20s 10s 45s 6s 10s
Garmin eTrex 39s 44s 45s 8s 15s N/A N/A
Garmin eTrex Summit 38s 45s 45s 8s 15s N/A N/A
Garmin eTrex Vista 32s 57s 45s 12s 15s N/A N/A
Garmin GPSMap76 32s 56s 45s 12s 15s N/A N/A
Garmin GPSMap76S 32s 53s 45s 12s 15s N/A N/A
Garmin Geko 101 38s 1m 37s 45s 15s 15s 13s N/A
Garmin Geko 201 34s 45s 45s 19s 15s 10s N/A
HaiCom 302 CF 33s 1m 25s 48s 23s 38s 10s 8s
HaiCom 303 MMF 41s 1m 18s 48s 36s 38s 3s 8s
Holux GM-210 35s 42s 45s 30s 38s 4s 8s
Holux GM-270 50\s 1m 12s 45s 39s 38s 4s 8s
Holux GM-270U 42s 1m 01s 45s 35s 38s 3s 8s
Holux GR-230 39s 1m 02s 45s 39s 38s 5s 8s
LeadTek 9531 / 9532 29s 43s 48s 9s 38s 5s 8s
Magellan Meridian Range of GPS 33s 53s <2m 18s <1m 15s <15s
Magellan SporTrak Range of GPS 37s 47s <5m 19s <1m 16s <15s
Navman 3000 49s 8m 05s 2m 0s 20s 48s 11s 18s
Navman 3400/3420 (ROM 2.1.2) 52s 2m 30s 2m 0s 20s 48s 12s 18s
Navman 3450 (ROM 2.1.2) 48s 1m 09s 2m 0s 20s 48s 11s 18s
Navman 4400 53s 1m 19s n/a 0s n/a 0s n/a
Pretec Compact CF 45s 2m 47s 1m 0s 1m 16s 45s 12s 8s
Pretec Compact LP CF 1m 53s 5m 32s 2m 10s 52s 45s 33s 20s
Rikaline X5 34s 42s 45s 39s 38s 0s 8s
Rikaline X6 34s 1m 00 s 45s 38s 38s 0s 8s
RoyalTek Onyx 1m 28s 2m 23s 45s 3m 0s 45s 17s 20s
RoyalTek Sapphire 41s 1m 02s 45s 37s 38s 10s 45s
RoyalTek RBT-3000 41s 57s 45s 30s 38s 9s 8
RoyalTek RGM-2000 39s 52s 45s 33s 38s 17s 45s
SysOnChip BT GPS 37s 77s 45s 37s  38s 4s 8s
SysOnChip CF Plus (SIRFXTrac) 30s 40s 45s 30s  38s 0s 8s
TFAC MG30 1m 17s 2m 11s 45s 34s  8s 4s 0.1s
TomTom Bluetooth GPS 48s 59s 45s 37s 38s 3s 8s



The RoyalTek Sapphire is attractive, small and lightweight and performs very well under varying conditions.  It's Time To First Fix although not the fastest on the block in our tests, does perform very well, re-acquisition time we found to be pretty good at around a couple of seconds.  The only thing it really lacks is a felt backing or a suction cup through the cable to keep it in one place on the dashboard.  A great little GPS receiver, a pleasure to use and comes in a few pennies short of 110!





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Car Power Cable Quality

Overall Rating 95%

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