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CF GPS Receivers are great for both in-car usage for street routing applications, or for out of car use like for walking or hiking. Modern CF GPS Receivers also come with on-board memory for storage of map data.

These systems are usually compact, but do run on the power provided by your Pocket PC or Palm, so if you know that your average battery power for your PDA is say 5 hours, in most cases you will only see around 2-3 hours use with GPS Receiver. There are ways of getting around power problems by taking a battery extender with you on walks, and we have reviewed some in our GPS Accessories section of our reviews.


fortuna-pocket-track.php Fortuna Pocket Track CF GPS receiver review
Click here for the review of the fortuna Pocket Track CF GPS receiver. The Pocket Track is a Compact Flash Type I GPS Receiver which means it will fit in all Compact Flash slots including slots in older devices like Windows CE 2.11 and 3.0 devices like the Casio E125.
globalsat-bc307.php GlobalSat BC-307 Compact Flash GPS Card
The BC-307 is a CF Type I card based on the SiRF Star II/LP low power chip.
haicom302cf.php Haicom 302 Compact Flash GPS Review
Haicom is a well known brand in the GPS Market, and have a whole range of GPS Receivers depending on what you
haicom303mmf.php Haicom 303 MMF Review
Haicom 303MMF really doesn
haicom303e.php Haicom 303E Review
This review is about the newer Haicom 303E (Evermore model). What we have decided to do with this review is to take the original 303MMF review and modify it to the 303E.
holuxcfhw.php Holux GM-270 Compact Flash GPS Receiver
Holux has just announced a new Pocket PC and Laptop Computer GPS Receiver, styled very similar to the Pretec Compact Flash GPS Receiver with the same external antenna socket on the side of the antenna, this will give Pocket PC users a much varied selection of GPS Receivers to use with their Pocket PC
holuxgm270.php Holux GM-270 Review
The Holux GM-270 is a well known work horse in the GPS Compact Flash card category.The Holux GM-270 comes in at a smaller form factor than other Compact Flash GPS Receivers on the market.
holuxgm270ultra.php Holux GM-270 Ultra Review
The Holux GM-270 is a well known work horse in the GPS Compact Flash card category and Holux has kept the Ultra identical to it
itrek-compact-flash-gps.php i.Trek Compact Flash GPS Receiver Review
Click here for the review of the ...
pretechwreview.php Pretec Compact Flash GPS Card Preview
Although the Pretec card is a CF Type I card it is about 1cm longer than a standard CF card which means the head or antenna in the Pretec extends well past the top of the Pocket PC causing a gap. We suspect the Pretec was created like this to make sure it gives enough clearance in most laptops, but does make the GPS card look unsightly when coupled with the Pocket PC, and also gives it a weakness if it were to drop from a windscreen mount. The Pretec card does fit easily into a CF card socket or sleeve, or into a PCMCIA card adapter.
preteclpreview.php Pretec Compact Flash LP GPS Card Review
This is how Pretec have managed to cut power consumption in their new LP design. By removing some of the main power hogs that are sitting on the circuit board, and by utilising the Pocket PC
rikalinex6.php Rikaline X6 Compact Flash GPS Receiver Review
The GPS-6021 (X6) is a high sensitivity Compact Flash Type I GPS Receiver using the SiRF Star II chipset with embedded ARM7TDMI CPU. The X6 supports 12 satellites all-in-view, re-acquisition time of 100ms and updates your position every second.
sysonchipcfplus.php SysOnChip CF Plus
The SysOnChip CF Plus doesn
sysonchipcfplusads.php SysOnChip CF Plus
The SysOnChip CF Plus doesn


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