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A constant problem with PDAs is the short battery life and the seemingly infinite number of connectivity options.

This section evaluates the offerings of a number of companies in an effort to overcome these shortcomings. We have reviewed some interesting solutions from external battery boxes through to Bluetooth cable which turn your Garmin or Magellan into a Bluetooth GPS receiver.


reradbattery.php Battery Re-Radiating Antenna Review (GARATX/GARATB)
The PC-Mobile re-radiating antenna comes in two parts. First the active antenna that you see on the right that sports a magnetic base so you can fix the square antenna block to the roof of the car, followed by a 3 meter long cable which should give you enough cable to run it inside the door and conceal the cable quite adequately on most cars and the cable terminates in an MCX or BNC connector depending on the one you need, the one we reviewed terminates in an MCX connector which is standard for most antenna sockets.
blackhills-solar-charging-review-g1026.php Blackhills Solar-Charging Backpack Review
Blackhills Solar-Charging Backpack reviewed!
bluetooth-mouse-cable.php Bluetooth Mouse Charger Cable
Lately we have been seeing some very ingenious designs and patents appearing. One new product design is one that Semsons in the US are selling. Now, basically it
columbusv900.php Columbus V-900 Logger Review
i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel and Sports Logger Review
pcmobilecables.php Connecting a Handheld GPS Receiver to your PDA
Connecting a PDA and a Handheld GPS Receiver is very easy now thanks to one company who has pioneered the creation of mobile and GPS cables. This company is called PC-Mobile, and currently has a forum at Pocket GPS.
road-angel-cable.php Holux Road Angel GPS Cable
Back in March 2003 (seems like eons ago!) I reviewed the Road Angel which for those who don
igotu200ebt.php i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel and Sports Logger Review
i-gotU Bluetooth GPS Travel and Sports Logger Review
igotu600.php i-gotU GT-600 GPS Travel and Sports Logger Review
i-gotU GT-600 GPS Travel and Sports Logger Review
infintsolarbags-solar-backpack-review-7295.php Infinit Solar Backpack Review
Infinitsolarbags Review
pcmobile-battery.php PC-Mobile Battery Extender for iPAQ
Do you often take your iPaq on long journeys or outings where there is no mains or battery power? Are you scared of using your iPaq because you might use your precious battery resource? Well worry no more. PC-Mobile have come up with a perfect solution. A battery extender which can be used to charge your iPaq battery anywhere and any time. Typically the battery extender can fully charge your iPaq twice from one set of rechargable batteries.
pc-mobile-bluetooth-adaptor.php PC-Mobile Bluetooth Adaptor for Garmin/Magellan Handheld GPS's
Want to turn your Garmin or Magellan handheld GPS into a Bluetooth GPS? Well now you can with PC-Mobile
philips-power2charge-scm7880.php Philips Power2Charge SCM7880 Universal USB Charger Kit
Philips Power4Life SCM7880 Universal USB Charger Kit
powertraveller-powermonkey-explorer-portable-charger-pm675.php Powertraveller Powermonkey eXplorer Portable Charger
Powertraveller Powermonkey-eXplorer Portable Charger
reradiating.php Re-Radiating Antenna Review (GPS-RRAD-45)
One of the must have GPS Accessories for anyone looking to use a GPS Receiver in-car is a re-radiating antenna. A re-radiating antenna basically re-radiates the GPS signal from outside the car to inside the car. If you have a vehicle which has a coated windscreen to keep the heat or sun out, or a windscreen with a heater element coil in it allowing you to defrost the windscreen quicker in those winter months, then this may reek havoc with the GPS signals trying to come through the windscreen to your GPS receiver.
Reviewed--Infinit-Solar-Backpack-9972.php Reviewed Infinit Solar Backpack
This is a news article from PocketGPSWorld.com titled - Reviewed Infinit Solar Backpack
seidiodatapower.php Seidio Data Power Package G2 & Light Stylus
The Seidio Data Power Package G2 is a new data power package in a little nifty handy travel back with several pockets. I have seen many charger kits available for sale over the years, some include a desk charger and a car charger, some have a converter plug, but nothing like this!
seidiomount.php Seidio Multi-function Charger Mount
When you first take the Seidio Multi-function Charger Mount out of the box, if you haven
pcmobiledatasplitcables.php Splitting a GPS Signal
TomTom-High-Speed-MultiCharger-Reviewed-8941.php TomTom High Speed MultiCharger Reviewed
This is a news article from PocketGPSWorld.com titled - TomTom High Speed MultiCharger Reviewed
solar-rucksack-2200mAh.php Ultimateaddons Solar Backpack 50 Litre 2200mAh
Although we have had precious little sunshine so far this summer, this Solar Backpack from GPSForLess is still a usefull thing to have. Put simply it is a 50 litre rucksack/backpack (is there a difference?) with a built-in solar panel.
wintec-g-trender.php Wintec G-Trender Data Logger Review
Wintec G-Trender Data Logger Review


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