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Seidio Data Power Package G2 & Light Stylus

13th June 2003

 Review by Dave Burrows


The Seidio Data Power Package G2 is a new data power package in a little nifty handy travel back with several pockets.  I have seen many charger kits available for sale over the years, some include a desk charger and a car charger, some have a converter plug, but nothing like this! 


This is THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE date power package available.  Enclosed in this small travel bag is an emergency power charger which allows you to connect a 9v square PP3 battery and charge your Pocket PC from this battery. 


This kit also includes an 8" USB sync and charge cable to plug into a laptop or desktop PC, a 2 in 1 charger which is ingenious allowing you to charge in-car or for American users in the house with the 2 pin plug and has a 9" coiled cable.  Last but not least, the best of all and that's an airline adapter allowing you to charge your Pocket PC in-plane coupling it to the PP3 battery terminal and then to the Pocket PC!



For the frequent traveller, and especially for those long plane trips, the Seidio Data Power Package will really come in useful.  I'm always for extending the battery life of your Pocket PC on long trips,and this could keep you going for days.




Seidio Light Stylus

The Seidio Light Stylus is my latest toy, and it's something I can't put down.  It's a replacement stylus for your Pocket PC, but no ordinary stylus.  It's a nicely finished silver stylus with a black twist top and a clear perspex nib and this fits your current stylus home quite nicely, and not only is a good replacement for your lost stylus, but if you twist the top of the stylus, it lights up and allows you to read what your typing on the Pocket PC. 


One thing I do a lot when travelling is to conserve battery power, and this usually means dropping the backlight down to it's lowest setting or turning the backlight our completely.  That way I conserve battery power until I can get to a power source, but it's always hard to read, so if you're on a train, your constantly angling the Pocket PC to get some light to reflect on screen and it makes life difficult, especially if you're trying to read or type on screen. 


With the light stylus, you just turn on the light in the stylus and all the light shines down through the nib and onto the Pocket PC screen.  Perfect! 



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