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Well not necessarily SatNav accessories, but everything else that doesn't fit into one of the other categories is hidden in this section. We have infra-red keyboards, and WiFi adapters, Styli and Screen Protectors.


tomtom-go-screen-protector.php Covertec Screen Protector for TomTom Go Review
PocketGPSWorld.com: Click here for the review of the Covertec screen protector for TomTom Go
glarestomper-review.php Glarestomper II for TomTom GO review
The TomTom GO has got a bit of a reputation for suffering from reflections in strong sunlight making the screen difficult to read. There have been a number of attempts to overcome this, from screen protectors to screens. The latest of the screen products is the Glarestomper II from BidNutMan. This is made from a felt like fabric that fits behind the front bevel and shields the top and sides from sunlight.
hirschmann.php Hirschmann multi purpose antenna review
Ok this is a little off topic, but bear with me and hopefully the rationale behind the article will become apparent. We don’t normally test “Aerials” on PocketGPSWorld but having purchased this specific bit of kit I was compelled to write up my findings.
itech-keyboard.php PocketGPSWorld.com iTech virtual keyboard review
PocketGPSWorld.com: Click here for the review of the iTech Virtual Keyboard
Prius-Hoods-4412.php Prius Hoods SatNav Glare Shield
Prius Hoods SatNav Glare Shield
socket-sdio-wifi.php Socket SDIO WiFi SD card review
PocketGPSWorld.com: Click here for the review of the Socket SDIO WiFi SD card.
stylus.php Stylus Heaven
Why is it no matter what we do, or where we go, we always seem to lose our stylus ? We
styrite.php Styrite Combo Pack & USB MultiTravel Kit
Styrite offer a whole range of PDA accessories including stylus, a protective film to place over your PDA screen to avoid scratching of the screen, cable chargers, cases and much more, but two products immediately impressed me not only from a heavy Pocket PC user, but also for use with GPS user were the ones included in this review.
stinger.php The Portable GPS Stylus
accessories.php Useful Accessories for your GPS Receiver
vcom.php VCommand's VCOM
Strictly this isn
wifi-networking.php WiFi Networking
Ever wanted to connect to one of the WiFi hotspots with your PDA? Well now you can with the Asus CF WiFi card.
zunzun-gps-sun-shade-p3960.php ZunZun Satnav Sun Visors


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