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VCOM Voice Navigation GPS System

18th September 2002

Strictly this isn't a Pocket PC device, but we thought it worth of displaying it on our website.


Navigation systems should be heard not seen --- the guiding principle behind the design of VCOM, the first display-free voice navigation system. With VCOM, you never have to take your eyes off the road or hands off the steering wheel, making for the safest possible driving experience.


  • Dimensions: 6" x 8" x 2". Weighs less than one pound.
  • Portable or hardwire configurations.
  • A built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) tracks position and provides next turn prompt.
  • Turn-by-turn instructions.
  • On-board spell check.
  • Covers entire continental United States (divided into 18 regions).
  • 21 entry address book.
  • Expert or Novice modes.
  • Auto re-routing.
  • Uses an unsynthesized, human voice.
  • Last destination memory - start your next trip from your last destination.
  • Categories of common landmarks (gas stations, ATMs, restaurants, hotels, rental car agencies, malls, golf courses, etc.). Over one million points.
  • Whole word commands: NO-TURN, I-AM-LOST, REPEAT, WHERE-AM-I, etc.
  • Remembers current destination and route even if turned off then on again (e.g. when you get back on the road after stopping for gas).
  • Spell only the primary street name. No need to spell prefix (South, West) or suffix (Street, Avenue, Boulevard).
  • Points of interest - Disneyland, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), The White House, Tavern on the Green, Museum of Modern Art, etc.
  • Built-in, self-paced tutorial.


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