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The team at PocketGPSWorld.com have limited resources in terms of transport options and can only report on our experiences in our vehicles. This is where you guys get to show off your ingenuity and document your SatNav installations.

Have your say. If you want a reader's kit published email "reviews at pocketgpsworld.com" and if it is up to scratch we will publish it.


alincar.php Al James In-Car Photos
Here is my method of attaching the Navman 3400 sleeve to my Vauxhall Zafira dashboard. I reckon this method could be universally applied to all car dash
alex-dixon.php Alex Dixon's Truck Mount
Alex has sent in his photos on his TomTom Setup in his Scania truck.
andrew-weight.php Andrew Weight's In-Car Mount
Here is a recent install I performed for my TomTom Bluetooth GPS Receiver. The kit is a TomTom powered holder (for 38xx iPAQ
andyincar.php Andy's Ford Focus In-Car Mount
I have a Ram Mount but decided not to use the sucker bit, instead I took that off and utilised the spring end and clipped the mount onto the car
rav4.php Fitting an iPAQ and GPS system to a Toyota RAV4
Dashmounts are starting to become very popular amongst Pocket GPS readers here, and Carl Scott has sent us in some photos of how he
mini.php Fitting an iPAQ SatNav system to a BMW MINI Cooper
The new BMW MINI can be bought with a built in CD-ROM based Satellite Navigation system with the Navigation display built into the central speedometer housing, the speedometer being moved to a position in front of the steering wheel alongside the Tachometer. This system though nice is however is rather expensive and cannot be transferred to another vehicle.
holuxincar.php Holux In-Car Photos with DashMount Bracket
I purchased a HOLUX GM 210 GPS unit and immediately noticed how much stronger the signal was and how much shorter the acquisition times were. I also purchased a MEMPLUG Dual CF Exp Jacket for the memory card.
transparentmount.php Homebuilt Transparent iPAQ Mount
After searching for some time to find the perfect solution as a car mount the obvious mount should be the Destinator/Brodit car mount. But unsatisfied with price I
jamesincar.php James' SAAB In-Car Mount
I use an iPAQ 3970, Emtac BT GPS receiver and run TomTom Navigator 2 software. My aim was to have a set-up as simple as possible, to be convenient and reliableto use and importantly to me tobe neat and tidy (no trailingwires etc).
januszincar.php Janusz Gerszberg In-car Mount
Janusz Gerszberg (JGUI) as you may remember Janusz as, has emailed us some in-car mount photo. Janusz says
jasonincar.php Jason's in-car Custom Mount
I have been running this setup now for about 2 years now as it was the result of being unable to obtain a mount at the time, nobody was importing anything. How things have changed. Spurred on by necessity I decided to have a go and seeing what I could do with my recently redundant serial cradle.
john-childs.php John Child's Bike Mount
Map reading on a bike is even more of a pain than it is in a car. To check your route you need to pull up and park, remove your gloves, dig the map out from your pocket or bag, unfold it to the correct place and only then can you take a look at your route.
lutzincar.php Lutz in-car Mount
I recently got a new car since moving to the states, and while being very nice it didn
mark-dyson.php Mark Dyson's in-car Mount
Here are some photos of my in-car setup. The car is a Citroen Picasso, and I am running TomTom Navigator 2 car kit and GlobalSat BT 308 receiver.
markcustnav.php Mark Sowter's Custom Navman Mount
A Pocket GPS Reader Mark Sowter has put together some in-car photos to show off how he
markincar.php Mark's In-car Photos
Mark Berry a regular in the forum as (Mark R Penn) has put together some in-car photos to show off how he
oliver-incar.php NavMan PiN570 Custom Mount for Ford Focus
Objective: Fixing and hard wiring a Navman Pin 570 in a Ford Focus no holes made in the dashboard using the standard Navman cradle and car power lead. Here is my Navman Pin 570 mounted in my Ford Focus. It is mounted on a bracket made from 2 100x15mm mending strips available from any DIY store.
neilincar.php Neil Richards Audi A4 In-Car Mount
I have Audi A4 3.0 Quattro Sport that has everything but SatNav - which has been irritating me for the past few months. The Audi SatNav system retro-fitted is prohibitively expensive, and I felt other less expensive systems were too much of a compromise (and still too expensive).
auditt.php Peter Mills' SAAB In-Car Mount
My car setup currently consists of an Compaq iPAQ and a Socket Bluetooth GPS. I have installed this the iPAQ using a Brodit Proclip and powered cradle in my Audi TT, I modified the fit by first not using the double sided tape on the Proclip and secondly by using heavy duty Velcro to mount the cradle to the Proclip. You will see this shown in the fig 1 below.
russincar.php Russ' VW Golf IV In-Car Mount
I have a Brodit Proclip centre mount for the VW Mk IV Golf and Brodit powered cradle.
saabincar.php Saab In-Car Custom Mount
Bengt decided to create a custom in-car mount for his Navman 3000 GPS Sleeve and Compaq iPAQ 3870 using the standard holder for the Navman/iPAQ and a home made prototype holder to fit SAAB 9-3.
simknaincar.php Simkna's In-Car Mount
I have used my trusty Toshiba e570 happily for quite some time on an Arkon universal mount and just upgraded to a new HP iPAQ 2215. The strange power lead connector gubbins (converter) was annoying me, it stuck out way too far from the the bottom of the HP iPAQ 2215, so I decided to make my own mounting system for it, with power permanently attached.
otherincar.php Steve Warren's and Lars-Erik Lundin's In-Car Photos
The first photo is from Steve Warren over at the UK Speed Traps website. This shows both a Compaq iNS (iPAQ Navigation System) installed in-car, and also shows you a Geodesy Road Pilot just below the drivers rear view mirror.
landrover.php Steve's Landrover Photos
Steve Burke has recently installed his Navman GPS 3400 and iPAQ into his LandRover Discovery, coupled with a Re-Rad antenna, he
tedsmount.php Ted Kay's Camera Ball/Socket Mount
One thing members having been thinking about for a while now is how to get a mount that moves freely when you want it to, so you can move the direction the Pocket PC is facing in easily. Ted has taken this thought and expanded upon this by creating his own mount and fixing it to his car dashboard.
julianincar.php VW Golf Mount
I have a 1993 VW Golf MkIII Automatic, and as I don


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