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Al James In-Car Photos

13th February 2003

Article by Al James, Dave Burrows


Here is my method of attaching the Navman 3400 sleeve to my Vauxhall Zafira dashboard.  I reckon this method could be universally applied to all car dash's. 

I've seen some great modified mounts on the Pocket GPS website, this one however is non-permanent, does not
harm your dashboard when you come to sell, and is assembled in seconds.

1.  Obtain a couple of plastic cable grips from your DIY store (e.g. IKEA, B&Q, Homebase etc.) for less than 1 (what  you do with the other 98 grips is up to you!).



2.  You will firstly need to saw off the end of the supplied Suction mount (it saws off very nicely by the way!).


3.  Next, simply attach the sawn-off mount bracket to your dash anywhere you can feed through the cable grips
(e.g. through the air vents in my case), then 'pull' tighten the grips. 


You will find that when you've tightened them as much as you can, the bracket is solid and does not move.

4.  If you want to be even neater, tuck the residual cable grip ends back into the air vent (or cut them off with scissors).

5.  Finally, slide your Navman Sleeve into place and you're done.


You can see what Al James has done here is a very neat and tidy setup.



Not only does this allow you to keep your car dashboard in pristine condition, without having to drill any holes, or make any marks, but it also allows you to mount it in a position where both the driver and passenger can equally see the screens without having to use any unsightly windscreen suction mounts.  This should work well on most vent's in car's providing you can double back the cable ties to feed back through again.



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