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We can rant and rave about a product that we review, but what really counts is how it stands up over time. Some of our readers have shared their SatNav experiences with all of us.

Have your say. If you want a reader's review published email "reviews at pocketgpsworld.com" and if it is up to scratch we will publish it.


copilot-live-jersey.php CoPilot Live v5 Jersey Trip
Click here for the CoPilot Live Jersey User Review
BT338UserReview.php GlobalSat BT-338 User Review
Click here for the GlobalSat BT-338 User Review
navmaneurotrip.php Navman 3400 European Trip
The opportunity arose at the turn of the year to undertake a journey through Western Europe starting in the middle of England and going on via the channel tunnel down through France and Spain to the southern coast. I also wanted to use the Navman 3400 to show me the way. The Navman 3400 upgrade arrived just in time for me to load it prior to the journey and I simultaneously upgraded my compact flash memory to 256Mb to cater for the increased mapping required.
navman-pin-reader-review.php Navman PiN Review - Tim Buxton
After being lent a Navman PiN to take to the meeting at Tangmere earlier in the summer, I thought I should write a mini review for the Pin on my experiences.


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