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PDA GPS Sleeves are great for both in-car usage for street routing applications, or for out of car use like for walking or hiking.

These systems are usually compact, but do run on the power provided by your Pocket PC or Palm, so if you know that your average battery power for your PDA is say 5 hours, in most cases you will only see around 2-3 hours use with GPS Receiver. There are ways of getting around power problems by taking a battery extender with you on walks, and we have reviewed some in our GPS Accessories section of our reviews.


emtacsleeve.php Emtac iGPSJ Sleeve
A closer look at the new Emtac sleeve shows it to be very robust and well finished. No sharp or pointy edges and is a lot slimmer than the Navman sleeve. The antenna is angled at approx 45 degrees, when the sleeve is held upright hanging from a vent mount, you
holuxgm251.php Holux GM-251 for the Palm OS Review
The Holux GM-251+ has been available for more than a year, and is a GPS Sleeve, similar to many of the Pocket PC based sleeves, where you slot the Palm M500/505 into the sleeve and it utilises the bottom serial connector. It also has a fold out patch antenna which allows you to angle the antenna to get optimum position.
iPhone-Touch-GPS-Cradle-launched-by-Dual-Electronics-8512.php iPhone Touch GPS Cradle launched by Dual Electronics
This is a news article from PocketGPSWorld.com titled - iPhone Touch GPS Cradle launched by Dual Electronics
navman3400review.php Navman 3400 In-depth Review
Any Navman users out there that have resisted the urge and temptation to upgrade to TomTom Navigator or other GPS Software will really like the new features that Navman are offering. The software is very much improved over the original offering. The new GPS 3400 (Europe) was originally going to ship with European maps, however Navman have released the product now with UK maps and the European maps will be a free upgrade by the end of November 2002 (just in time for Christmas!).
navman3450.php Navman 3450 GPS Sleeve
Navman are no newcomer to the GPS Market, and nor is the Navman sleeve, but something
navmangps3400.php Navman GPS 3400 Product Update
We raised some questions with Navman UK about the new Navman GPS 3400 and also the SmartST Pro software that will be released with the GPS 3400 Receiver and received the following responses back.
navman3420us.php Navman GPS 3420 US SmartST Pro Review
The Navman GPS 3420 package comes with the Navman sleeve, a suction cup mount, an auto power adaptor, and the SmartST Professional navigation software on 2 CDs. It only includes a couple page getting started guide in terms of hardcopy documentation. The auto adaptor doesn
navman2001.php Pocket GPS Navman 3000 Review
The NAVMAN 3000 is a Compaq iPAQ sleeve that fits over your Pocket PC to turn your Pocket PC into the ultimate GPS device. The sleeve and software has been reviewed at Pocket GPS by Dave Burrows.
navman350hw.php Pocket GPS NAVMAN 350 GPS Sleeve for Palm PDA's
NAVMAN GPS 350 Satellite Receiver for the Palm III, IIe, IIIx, IIIex, IIIc, V and Palm Vx Series Handheld comes with the SmartPath™ GPS Mapping Software for Western Europe. SmartPath allows you to plan and track your journey from one location to another.
navman500hw.php Pocket GPS NAVMAN 500 GPS Sleeve for Palm PDA's
NAVMAN GPS 500 Satellite Receiver for the Palm Handheld m500, m505, m515, m125 and m130 series comes with the SmartPath™ GPS Mapping Software for Western Europe. SmartPath allows you to plan and track your journey from one location to another.
navmanmod.php Pocket GPS NAVMAN Mods
How did you modify the NAVMAN GPS Sleeve ? Find out here, where Pocket GPS staff and users post their modifications to fit the GPS units into their cars to give a robust and stable platform for your Pocket PC to fit into.


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