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Wonde Proud DPL700 GPS Photo Logger review

Date 30th March 2008

In December 2007 I reviewed the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr at that time the only GPS dataloggers available were the Wonde Proud Nemerix BT-CD110/CD111. Since then GiSTEQ has released the PhotoTrackr Lite package which is based around the Wonde Proud DPL700 GPS Datalogger.


The original PhotoTrackr products range in price from $129 to $169 depending on the software and hardware selected, whilst the new PhotoTrackr Lite sneaks in at a mere $99.


So what is different in the PhotoTrackr Lite package, and which one is suitable to your requirements? Read on and find out...

Article by Mike Barrett

The PhotoTrackr Software

The GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr software comes in 2 different packages: Standard and Pro. The software is basically the same for both with the exception of support for RAW image files in the Pro Version.


If the term "RAW Image File" send you running for your camera manual then you are probably better off with the Standard version. RAW files are used by advanced users with higher end cameras and are for keen amateur or professional photographers with lots of additional software to take advantage of the data format.

The Wonde Proud DPL700 GPS Logger

So the main difference between the versions is that with the PhotoTrackr Lite package you get the new Wonde Proud DPL700 GPS Datalogger. At $30 cheaper you would expect that it is missing a lot of capabilities compared to the standard version.


Well you would be wrong there, sure there are some features missing, but it's construction is based around the MTK GPS Chipset, which competes the SiRF GPS Chipset for top position (Oh bad pun!!!). Seriously though this MTK based device is much more sensitive than the Nemerix based ones and gets a 'Fix' when the Nemerix one is still searching for satellites.


The GPS is constructed in a triangular casing which surrounds a single AA sized battery. When I first saw the design I was somewhat wary as this is similar to the Sony CS-1 which had very bad reception. However testing proved that the MTK GPS Chipset was sensitive enough to pull in a fix no matter which side of the Datalogger was facing down.


The single battery is quoted as lasting either 14 hours (GiSTEQ) or 25 hours (Wonde Proud). In practice it is difficult to determine as you need to be constantly moving. The DPL700 has a motion sensor and switches off automatically when stationary, starting again when it detects movement.


Whilst on the subject of power the GPS datalogger has a mini-USB socket to transfer data. You can also use this to power the logger whilst in the car. It will not, of course, charge the AA battery.


A friend of mine carried it in her handbag for me and we forgot it was there. The GPS was recording out tracks all Easter weekend, switching on and off depending on movement. The battery easily lasted the 4 days and still had power left when we found it again...


A nice feature of the datalogger is the lanyard with carabineer clip. This allows the device to be clipped to your camera bag, allowing you to concentrate on the business of taking photos.


The storage capacity of the datalogger remains the same at about 250,000 data records. This is equivalent to about 40 days of 'normal' usage according to GiSTEQ. I found it to be adequate for a long weekend driving around the UK. I would normally download my tracks on a daily basis, but as I had forgotten it was active I didn't bother. It was only when we found it that I realised we had been recording tracks all that time.



Wonde Proud have developed an excellent entry level datalogger for their product range. It lacks bluetooth, and a speaker, but neither are a big loss. What you get in return is a nicely designed GPS datalogger with one of the best GPS Chipsets on the market today.


As far as power goes you will need to replace batteries occasionally. This can be a benefit if you are on a weeklong hiking trip with no access to a charger. A few AA sized batteries will see you through.


With the introduction of the PhotoTrackr Lite package in the GiSTEQ range of Photo Loggers I don't see any benefit of buying a PhotoTrackr Standard without Bluetooth. You save $30 and you get a more sensitive GPS datalogger.


For details of the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr software click here.


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