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TomTom Version 7 : Mapshare Moving a POI

Date 19th June 2007

Article by Tim Buxton


Mapshare is a new technology built into the new TomTom 520 and 720 SatNav systems. The concept of Mapshare is to allow the TomTom userbase to correct errors in the mapping data on their PND, and then share it with the rest of the users.


This new functionality is found in the new TomTom Navigator version 7.x GPS software.


This article looks at the repositioning of one of the built in POIs. Showing how the POI is moved and then how this modification can be shared with other users.

TomTom Go 520 Mapshare

How many times have you navigated to a built in POI and found yourself in the middle of nowhere despite your device telling you that you're exactly where you asked to be? POI positioning is sometimes wildly out and it's one of the things that MapShare can correct. I've chosen a POI local to me, so I know where it should be, and it isn't here!

TomTom Go 520 Mapshare


It's not far out, but being a pedant I want it in the right place. So, having found it and tapped on it, you then tap on the cursor button to get to the next screen.

TomTom GO 520 Mapshare


You then tap "Correct location" to move on.


TomTom GO 520 Mapshare


"Edit POI" is the next button to press.


TomTom GO 520 Mapshare


I've already added the tick in the box I want but you can tick multiple boxes and it will carry out the alterations in order. (I didn't try to delete and rename a POI at the same time!) Once you've carried out any other changes you want to make, you are presented with your POI on the screen and it has acquired a red border.



You then scroll around and tap the screen where you want the POI to appear on the map.


TomTom GO 520 Mapshare


An outline stays in the original position and your red bordered one moves to the new position. When you're happy, press "Done".



Apparently, you can only make so many 'unshared' changes (no numbers are yet known) and besides, if you know it's now in the right place, why not help others? So I say "Yes" and the information will be passed to TomTom on my next connection via HOME.


TomTom GO 520 Mapshare


On my own map, however, the change is instant.



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Tim Buxton

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