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The PocketGPSWorld.com Subscriber Membership Awards


Every time we release the PocketGPSWorld.com Speed Camera Database we award those subscribers whose reports met our qualifying criteria a FREE 1 year membership to the site. We will publish the user-names of those who achieved the award following each release. You can see these on the front page news posts on the website and they are also published in the weekly newsletter (sign up here).


If you have an auto-renewing PayPal subscription then please note that the renewal will still occur even though you have the free extra year - the renewal will simply add another year. If you do not want this to happen then please follow this guide to cancel the renewal. Note that cancelling the renewal will mean you will lose any discounted price once you resubscribe. If you have any difficulties with this then please click here to raise a support ticket.


Criteria for Free Subscriptions:

[Updated 1st November 2012 - full details here]

As a "thank you" for helping improve our database we award qualifying members with a FREE 1 year subscription. The qualifying submissions are:

  1. The first person to accurately report a new fixed site.

  2. The first person to accurately report a change to an existing fixed site (change of speed limit, addition of speed limit where none previously existed or a significant change of location)

  3. The first person to accurately report a permanent removal of an existing fixed site.

  4. Reports of new Mobile sites also qualify BUT because such sites are very difficult to verify, it should be noted that validation may take significantly longer than for other types of site. Please note that a report that re-activates an existing Mobile Camera site that has been de-activated due to inactivity is classed as a 'Seen Again' report and so does NOT qualify. The Free Subscription will only be added after both verification (once it goes 'active' in the database) AND further reports have been received.


The following also apply:

  • Qualifying camera reports will receive a one year subscription, added on to their existing subscription.

  • Subscribers will be able to accrue rewards subject to a limit of one award per subscriber per week.

  • It will be a condition of any award that a subscription is active both at the time of the report and at the time it enters the active/live database.

  • Only reports made by users with full PocketGPSWorld web-site subscriptions will be eligible. This excludes reports made via our CamerAlert iOS apps where the subscription is an Apple in-app type.

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We verify all submissions and you will be notified yours qualifies - for more information regarding verification, please see this report by DennisN. If you are successful we'll let you know (there is no need to send us an email to check) and automatically extend your current membership.



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