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As with all things in life GPS equipment becomes outdated over time. My first Bluetooth GPS was one of the first ones made by Emtac, the receiver is still available, and still a good GPS, but sadly Emtac have pulled out of the GPS market.

This section is for nostalgia amongst other things, but also to keep a record of how things have evolved, and the trials and tribulations of early GPS adopters.


navman1000review.php Pocket GPS NAVMAN 1000 Review for the Pocket PC
Pocket GPS NAVMAN 1000 Review for the Pocket PC by Kevin Tea at PDA Pro. The Navman 1000 comes from the same pedigree as the 3000i reviewed, but is very different in that instead of coming in a chunky, hernia inducing sleeve, slips neatly into a CF1 slot. Any doubts that the relative small size of the kit (pictured right) was going to affect performance was soon cleared. For most of this test the Navman was driven around in my old Daihatsu FourTrak, the bodywork of which is 90 per cent metal.


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