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Wolverhampton Calls For More Average Speed Cameras

Article by: rob brady
Date: 6 May 2019


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There was a call for speed cameras following the third crash within just five days in the same road - Bushbury Lane, Wolverhampton.

A spokesman for the local Liberal Democrats is calling for action following the latest crash which happened yesterday: "The new leaders first issue in the in-tray is to look at the roads around Wolverhampton and make them safer."

He added: "Yet another major accident on a major Wolverhampton road - it is time to have average speed cameras introduced to catch those that think they do not have to obey the laws before more people get killed or seriously injured."

A local resident commented: "It is the third crash in five days. The speed some drivers use is ridiculous. Someone needs to put an average speed camera down here. Someone is going to get killed."

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