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Vandal Attacks Speed Camera

Article by: rob brady
Date: 17 Dec 2017

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A vandal has attacked a speed camera this week at an undisclosed site in Glasgow.

Safety Cameras Scotland said that not only has the perpetrator put lives at risk, but also thousands of pounds worth of damage has been caused.

They tweeted yesterday: "Our cameras go where there is a history of people being injured or even killed and speeding is an issue. Cameras are often the last solution to try and slow motorists down in attempt to make a road safer for everybody to use."

They added: "Therefore, when one of our cameras is vandalised like one was this week it is frustrating as our cameras are situated on roads where there is a real need to slow people down in an attempt to reduce collisions and injuries."


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Posted by trambly71 on Tue Dec 19, 2017 7:54 am Reply with quote

Yawn - speed cameras the states answer to everything - the motorist a cash cow under the guise of safety. We are all tired of hearing about these lovely cameras. I think the vandal can try planting the camera pole up the a**es of Safety Scotland.

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