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Use Of New South Wales Speed Cameras Up 650 Percent

Article by: rob brady
Date: 4 Nov 2016

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Speed and red light cameras in New South Wales, Australia are raking in AUS $700,000 (that's almost half a million British pounds) a day.

Use of cameras in the state has increased dramatically in the past five years - by 650 per cent and 66,000 tickets a month are now being issued.

Although previously there have been years of decline in deaths on New South Wales' roads, it is reported that so far this year there has been a 15% rise - 390 deaths, compared to just 338 the year before.

The government says that all revenue from speed camera goes into a road safety fund.


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Posted by freedy50 on Tue Nov 08, 2016 12:45 am Reply with quote

I don't know how they have so many deaths on their roads? Whenever I drive there everyone seems so frightened to even do 1kph over the speed limit as they're so indoctrinated about the speed limits and the constant worry about being caught by the police which seems to make everyone drive at the same speed.

A lot of their motorways are very good but the speed limits on a lot of them are only 80kph (50mph). Sometimes they kindly allow you to do 100kph (62mph) or 110kph (68mph) so a lot of drivers are constantly looking at their speedos and not ahead of them, which could be causing more accidents? At least we know here that the motorway speed limit is 70mph, but can still do 80ish without getting caught as our police don't seem to patrol the motorways so much and we don't seem to have so many deaths on the roads.

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