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UKIP Out To Grab Votes With Speed Camera Policy

Article by: rob brady
Date: 18 Apr 2015

The UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been hailed "the motorist's friend" by Nick "Mr Loophole" Freeman.

Freeman is famous for finding loopholes in the law to help those allegedly caught speeding avoid prosecution.

He has helped many public figures in the past including Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham, Ranulph Fiennes, Van Morrison, Jimmy Carr and Jeremy Clarkson.

He was quoted in a response to UKIP's recent statement that it would only allow speed cameras at accident blackspots, near schools and in residential areas where there are specific potential dangers.

Freeman commented on Farage's policy saying: "His pledge is like a breath of fresh air that smacks of common sense and fairness. The majority of these cameras are unnecessary for safety and their prime motive is fiscally driven. What I would like to see is not only bobbies on the beat but cops back in the driving seat. This is the only way we can ensure motorists drive safely as well as detecting a plethora of offences."

Back in 2006, Freeman defended what he does in the Guardian newspaper "Morally, I can't [justify it], but ethically, I can. My job is to give my clients the best defence I can. That is the job of every defence lawyer. I can't pick and choose who I defend based on my opinion; that would mean I was judging them, and that would be a dereliction of my duty. If I repeatedly identify shortcomings in police procedures, then perhaps we will end up with better standards in policing and then we will all be safer on the roads because people will not take chances. Until then, it is my job to identify inadequate policing and procedures. I want to make one thing clear, however. I do not condone drunk-driving or irresponsible driving of any kind. And where I successfully defend clients I will often take them to one side and give them a polite ticking-off, tell them they have been very lucky and advise them to use that luck by not transgressing again."

UKIP's official policy statement on their site is short and sweet: "UKIP will ensure that speed cameras are used as a deterrent and not as a revenue raiser for local authorities."

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