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TomTom updates RIDER with new 43inch screen model

Article by: Darren Griffin
Date: 14 Feb 2013

TomTom has today launched the latest in its range of RIDER satnav's targeted at motorcyclists.

The new model shares the same design ethos as the previous version but now sports a 4.3" widescreen display, housed in a weather resistant shell.

Riders are presented with a customised, glove friendly, user-interface and audio guidance is delivered to the in-helmet earpiece via Bluetooth.

RIDER also support Tyre, a software package that allows the creation of custom routes which can be uploaded and shared with others. Routes can also be uploaded to the device via Bluetooth using the new 'Upload Routes and Go' functionality.

Free Lifetime Maps, Map Share and IQ Routes are also included and you can pre-order today for £329.99 (EU Maps of 45 countries).

Source: TomTom.com

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Posted by CaptainBlue on Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:40 am Reply with quote

A 43" screen? Won't that affect aerodynamics?

[edit] Damn! You noticed the typo!

Posted by Noony on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:57 am Reply with quote

CaptainBlue Wrote:
A 43" screen? Won't that affect aerodynamics?

[edit] Damn! You noticed the typo!

Most riders fit these behind fly screens. Anyway even if not, the biggest thing that will affect the aerodynamics would be the riders head and shoulders.

On naked bikes, I've never found the drag/pull of any camera or sat-nav to be noticeable.

Bigger sat-nav screen is a good idea. You want any bike sat-nat to be as easy to view as possible. Just for a quick glance!

Posted by Andy_P on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:59 am Reply with quote

You're spoiling a good gag there Noony... Crying or Very sad

"Settling in nicely" ;-)

Posted by Noony on Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:04 am Reply with quote

Andy_P Wrote:
You're spoiling a good gag there Noony... Crying or Very sad

Sorry call me captain slow! Rolling Eyes

Edited by DennisN - the IMG thing didn't work, but the picture is worth going to look at.

Edited again by Andy_P - got it to work...

Posted by philipe on Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:24 pm Reply with quote

When are they going to update the Rider 2 ???

Posted by Tim Buxton on Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:55 pm Reply with quote

philipe Wrote:
When are they going to update the Rider 2 ???

Update it how?


Posted by Andy_P on Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:01 pm Reply with quote

Noony Wrote:


HaHa! Very good! Laughing

"Settling in nicely" ;-)

Posted by exportman on Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:35 pm Reply with quote

The new rider specs have not been fully released yet. First unofficial release was on a German site a couple of weeks ago.

There is no indication as to the amount of ram for maps the rider 3-4 has only 2gb for maps Not much use to a motorcyclist crossing Europe. There will be no SD card slot. The screen is a little bigger but most motorcycles are limited on when you can place one anyway so a bigger screen will only make that more difficult.

What is available the new one will still use tomtom home, they are giving TYRE software with it so you can plan itinerary's ( positive move)

There will be no update to the rider 2 software I have asked them several times. They say you can not run the latest software as the rider 1-2 have only 32mb of ram. You can get the rider OS to run if you disable certain things mails lane guidance and IQ routes. A couple of sites have available and it does run but with a couple of bugs that you can work around I have been using it for over 12 months.

Posted by OneLover on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:30 am Reply with quote

All info came from Motoplus.nl Bike Magazine

February 15, 2013

As a world first on the state of MotoPlus (Hall 12, Stand C030) the new Tom Tom Rider for the first time, testing and sale. Moreover, every day nine navigation specialists present at the Moto Plus mode, all questions about motorcycle navigation can answer.

The new TomTom Rider, who at the Motor Fair in Utrecht is introduced as the successor to the popular Urban Rider is in many ways adapted and improved. Besides the ease of operation is mainly the larger 4.3 inch widescreen touchscreen, that even with thick winter gloves be operated. The display shows immediately after startup also one of the nicest features, namely 'Plan serpentine. Besides the quickest or shortest route from A to B, there is also the option for motorcyclists on the best way to do it: through nice twisty roads. Of course you can use this new Rider also downloaded from the Internet routes drive after, or own routes you have created on the computer using the supplied standard PC Route Management of Tyre. Other important improvements are the new Rider over Shocked 10,000 waypoints per route handle,
Idea an internal memory of 8 gigabytes (for all maps of Europe and thousands of tour routes!), Lifetime free map updates, a standard active dock with sturdy handle mounting and built Bluetooth system for headset and telephone link, but also lets you easily can exchange routes with other TomTom Rider.

The new TomTom Rider did so on all fronts really made great strides and has evolved into a state-of-art navigation system with ease of use (with clear English instruction steps). The new Tom Tom Rider is to see and try on the MotoPlus stand at the Motorcycle Fair Utrecht. The system can be purchased as immediately, whether or not in combination with a razor sharp on offer MotoPlus. The MSRP of the new Tom Tom Rider is € 399, -. Only the Motorbeurs you get there it's free two years biweekly engine blade MotoPlus at (worth € 138, -) ​​plus a navigation course evening where you will receive information about the TomTom and making your own route on the computer!
15 Februari 2013

Als heuse wereldprimeur is op de stand van MotoPlus (Hal 12, stand C030) de nieuwe Tom Tom Rider voor het eerst te zien, te testen en te koop. Bovendien zijn er elke dag negen navigatiespecialisten aanwezig op de MotoPlus-stand, die alle vragen over motornavigatie kunnen beantwoorden.

De nieuwe TomTom Rider, die op de Motorbeurs in Utrecht wordt geïntroduceerd als opvolger van de populaire Urban Rider, is op vele punten aangepast en verbeterd. Naast het bedieningsgemak valt vooral het grotere 4,3 inch breedbeeld touchscreen op, dat zich zelfs met dikke winterhandschoenen laat bedienen. Het display toont direct na het opstarten ook meteen één van de leukste features, namelijk ‘Plan kronkelweg’. Naast de snelste of kortste route van A naar B is er dus ook de mogelijkheid om op de voor motorrijders mooiste manier te doen: via leuke bochtige wegen. Uiteraard kun je met deze nieuwe Rider ook van internet gedownloade routes narijden, of eigen routes die je op de computer hebt gemaakt middels het standaard meegeleverde PC Route Management van Tyre. Andere belangrijke verbeteringen zijn dat de nieuwe Rider meer dan 10.000 waypoints per route aankan, een intern geheugen heeft van 8 Gigabyte (voor alle kaarten van heel Europa en duizenden toerroutes!), levenslange gratis kaartupdates, een standaard active-dock met stevige stuurmontage en ingebouwd Bluetooth-systeem voor headset- en telefoon-koppeling, maar waarmee je ook heel makkelijk routes kunt uitwisselen met andere TomTom Riders.

De nieuwe TomTom Rider heeft dus op alle fronten echt flinke stappen gemaakt en is geëvolueerd tot een ‘state-of-art’ navigatiesysteem met een groot gebruiksgemak (met duidelijke Nederlandstalige instructiestappen). De nieuwe Tom Tom Rider is te zien en te proberen op de MotoPlus-stand op de Motorbeurs Utrecht. Het systeem kan daar meteen gekocht worden, al dan niet in combinatie met een superscherpe aanbieding op MotoPlus. De adviesverkoopprijs van de nieuwe Tom Tom Rider bedraagt € 399,-. Alleen op de Motorbeurs krijg je daar bovendien gratis twee jaar het tweewekelijkse motorblad MotoPlus bij (t.w.v. € 138,-), plus een navigatie-cursusavond, waarin je uitleg krijgt over de TomTom en het maken van een eigen route op de computer!

Greets from The Netherlands ,OneLover

Posted by exportman on Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:10 pm Reply with quote

8 GB of ram that is certainly an improvement, but I suspect it will only just contain the present European data.

Looks like they are continuing to use the rider 2 style power dock, I think they missed an opportunity to use a better system to power the tomtom.

Will have to wait for some reviews to see what it is really like

Posted by exportman on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:10 pm Reply with quote

Tomtom advises the rider 5 has only 4GB of ram

The new TomTom RIDER has a 4GB internal memory so can comfortably fit the Europe map, in fact the EMEA model will come with a full Europe map already installed. and following a question I posted " An 8GB internal memory is not required and would only push up the price of the TomTom RIDER for the end user."

The rider also has a new powered mount as standard with 7 pins to replace the old 4 pin one. It is supposed to increase the stability ? But at least now they have a powered mount as standard. Probably because the battery life is reduced to power the bigger screen

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