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TomTom The University Of Amsterdam Open Research Lab

Article by: Darren Griffin
Date: 22 Nov 2019

Dutch GPS company TomTom has partnered with The University of Amsterdam to launch a new lab that aims to use AI to develop high-definition maps for autonomous vehicles.

The Innovation Centre for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) in the Amsterdam Science Park will see PhD students working to develop AI systems that can recognise roadside infrastructure such as traffic lights.

"TomTom is pushing the boundaries of AI for making HD maps for self-driving cars," said Harold Goddijn, TomTom CEO. "This will take us a step closer to an autonomous future with safer roads that are free of congestion and emissions."

TomTom's new autonomous test vehicle 'Trillian' is also now on the road in Berlin. Equipped with LiDAR, radar, stereo cameras and TomTom's High Definition mapping.

Source: tomtom.com

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Posted by AliOnHols on Fri Nov 22, 2019 1:41 pm Reply with quote

Sorry to be the first Harbinger of Doom on what should be a very uplifting news piece, but I'm curious.

Does anybody actually want this? Do drivers really want to have the ability to drive their cars taken away from them? And if so. Why? Do tell.

Or is it just being foisted upon us? If so, surely us drivers are a big enough group to be able to fight against this progression.

I for one, most definitely do not embrace this trend for AI, smart driving malarkey. I cant see any benefit at all.

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Posted by hairydog on Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:18 am Reply with quote

This is seriously scary. Selfdriving cars already use cameras, lidar and AI to see where they are going. The digital mapping is another source of data.
If the digital mapping is generated using the same technologies that the cars are using themselves, anything that fools the cars AI is also going to fool the mapping system.

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