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The UK Tests Noise Cameras

Article by: rob brady
Date: 18 Jun 2019


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Another type of camera is coming to the roads of the UK.

Following pressure from campaigners, the Department for Transport is set to test noise-detecting cameras across a number of locations over the next seven months.

The idea is to cut noise pollution from car and motorbike boy-racers who modify vehicles to amplify the sound of their engines.

In the same vein as speed cameras, the devices will be triggered by a violation to capture an image of the offending vehicle. The difference is that the breach will be also recorded by a microphone.

Referring to stretched police resources, the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling commented: "This technology could provide an alternative to make sure those communities are protected against excessive noise, that the people who are acting illegally are prosecuted. It is a simpler, easier way of doing it."

The chief executive of the Motorcycle Industry Association said: "Motorcycle manufacturers accept that they have a role to play and I think you will see it more difficult to start tampering with vehicles in the future."

He added: "As an industry we're playing our part."

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