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Speed On Green Red Light Cameras Due In Leicestershire

Article by: rob brady
Date: 3 Jan 2019


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It was recently reported that over 4 million of speeding tickets were handed out in Leicestershire last year.

Now Leicester intends to add some more technology to its arsenal - four new digital speed on green red light cameras are set to be activated in the county this month.

A spokesman for the local Road Safety Partnership commented: "The digital upgrade of all our roadside cameras has given us the opportunity to review our enforcement locations. As a result we have installed new speed on green red light cameras at those places shown to have an excessive speeding issue, as the name suggests these devices monitor traffic speeds through green traffic lights, as well as monitoring those passing through red stop lights."

He added: "Our hope is that they will modify driver behaviour and reduce the likelihood of collisions through these busy junctions."

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Posted by bmuskett on Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:50 pm Reply with quote

Just read the source story. I think the picture and caption justify upgrading redlight camera 12403 to a redspeed. And the map in the story identifies another four.

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