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Speed Cameras For The Severn Bridge

Article by: rob brady
Date: 17 Dec 2018


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Ever since its construction in the 1960's, the Severn Bridge, which takes motorists into and out of Wales, has charged a toll.

That changed this morning and the current 5.60 levy has now been scrapped.

That doesn't necessarily mean good news for all the millions of motorists that use it as many will still have to pay - those who break the speed limit whilst works are in progress.

There are now a set of average speed cameras monitoring roadworks which will attract 100 fines for those that flout the temporary limit of 50mph.

A significant amount of drivers are either ignorant of how these cameras work (including foreign drivers), lose concentration or blatantly ignore the speed limit. It's likely that many will believe that the cameras are not actually switched on.

A Highways England spokesperson said "A temporary 50mph speed limit will be in force when the tolls are first removed and the temporary narrow lanes are in place for the safety of the public and road workers."

He added: "These temporary speed limits and narrow lanes are likely to be in place for several months until the permanent full three lane motorway is constructed on both the M4 and M48. At this point the 70mph speed limit will be in place once again."

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