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Speed Camera Vandalised

Article by: rob brady
Date: 2 Oct 2017

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A speed camera on Cannock Road in South Staffordshire has been vandalised.

Staffordshire Police commented: "We'll always repair or replace damaged or vandalised speed cameras but the cost is always to the taxpayer. The cameras are there to ensure the safety of all road users and we will investigate all reports of criminal damage."

A local councillor said that he was totally in favour of speed cameras because of the safety, adding: "There has been evidence, particularly on that road, that they protect people. We have not had any fatalities since those cameras have been in place."

He continued: "It is people taking the law into their own hands because they feel injustice has been done because I imagine they got a couple of points on their license. We have had a few down the A34 that have been vandalised. Speed cameras are important because they do save lives."


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