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Speed Camera Liar Sent To Jail

Article by: rob brady
Date: 11 Oct 2016

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A West Midlands pub landlady has been jailed for trying to avoid speeding tickets.

The 33-year-old landlady of three pubs, Samantha Keegan, was caught breaking the 30mph limit by speed cameras on three occasions last year. Each time she claimed that her car, an Audi A4, was parked on her drive.

She told police that someone must have cloned her registration number plates. She even try to disguise the car by adding stickers, a union flag and a GB disc, around the plate area.

However, following a separate incident when Keegan's car was seized by police following a tip off about a robbery in October last year (she was cleared of involvement), the car showed that the stickers were now gone and other details lined up with the speed camera photos.

After several denials, she eventually admitted perverting the course of justice and a Birmingham Crown Court judge jailed her for eight months.

Damning evidence included texts found on her phone which she sent to her boyfriend. They read: "Yet another speeding ticket I am going to have to take the rap for. Thanks very much" and "I cannot keep blagging my way out of these, I could end up in serious trouble if I am found out."

A Camera Enforcement Unit police officer commented: "We suspect Keegan was trying to protect her boyfriend: he was a banned driver, and serving a suspended prison term, and would likely have faced jail had evidence emerged he was behind the wheel. She clearly thought she could get the speeding fines cancelled by lying, but she dug a deeper and deeper hole, wasting increasing police time and eventually has ended up behind bars for trying to avoid justice."

He added: "Drivers need to think long and hard about the potential consequences of lying to avoid a speeding fine and licence points. These are not little white lies, courts take a dim view of people trying to deceive the authorities and there is a very real risk offenders will be jailed."


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