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Some Forces Have Stopped Their Officers Issuing Speed Ticket

Article by: rob brady
Date: 3 Feb 2020


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The Chief Constable of West Mercia, Anthony Bangham, has highlighted that some police forces no longer have officers who hand out speeding tickets and that 97 per cent of the drivers caught are recorded by speed cameras.

He stated at the Police Federation Roads Policing Conference that he believes that this policy makes the roads less safe.

He commented: "We are increasing enforcement but it is not us – it is cameras, not cops. This is 97 per cent through automation, a mix of mobile and static cameras. It is not police officers going out there intelligently using their powers. Some forces haven't issued a single speeding ticket from a police officer – it is always cameras. When cameras were introduced there was a lot of literature to say it should never be seen as a replacement for police officers, but it has."

He added: "We have got to get back now that right balance because of course there are many other things that speeding motorists, if we engage with them… we might find that a camera would never find. The over-reliance on cameras meant speeding motorists who might be guilty of other offences were getting away with it. It could be they are speeding but they also may not be wearing a seatbelt, they might be over the drink or drug-driving limit and therefore a police officer can do something that a camera can never do."

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Posted by Kremmen on Mon Feb 03, 2020 3:01 pm Reply with quote

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