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Overboard Waterproof iPhone case reviewed

pocketgpsworld.comIf you have a PDA, SmartPhone or iPhone then you will know that it is sometimes difficult to keep it dry in normal use. Well Mike Alder takes things a little bit further than "Normal Use". He takes his iPhone with him for his daily swim. Not only does he need a water tight housing for the iPhone he also needs a set of headphones to play his music while he works out.

The solution was provided by a company called OverBoard who produce a number of waterproof cases for the outdoor enthusiast. This is what Mike thought of the OverBoard Waterproof iPod case:

I have been using this for around eighteen months on a regular basis. Whilst it’s not iPhone specific I have included it within this review as the phone fits inside the case and you can still use the touch screen. Fully submersible to six meters you can take the unit swimming, or use it in the bath with no problems at all.

The audio lead is moulded as an integral part of the case thus preventing any water leaks.

The supplied earphones are also designed for use in/ underwater, and for once these phones don’t fall out of my ears. I even use these in preference to the near useless ones supplied with the iPhone which fail to stay in place unless taped down, probably down to the shape of my ears or does everyone find small earphones generally don’t stay where you want them? Volume, bass, midrange and treble sound great, all too often with small ear bud speakers the sound quality is big let down, these are great, offering a refreshing change.

Another advantage of the design is the seal they make with the ear canal, little if any outside noise gets in, and no sound gets out so you won’t annoy fellow passengers on the train. The little soft rubber “doughnuts” are removable to make cleaning them easy.

The case is supplied with a Velcro arm strap so you can clip the case around your arm, in use its comfortable and doesn’t slide around on you arm. Note the two white clips either side of the upside down “OB” logo near the base of this picture, these are the latches that lock and seal the opening.

To open the case the two white catches are slid the outboard edges of the case.The two sides then separate to reveal the opening, simply slide the device in to the case which is very easy to do.

Aligning and securing the 3,5MM audio plug inside the case provides a bit of a challenge, but it is something that gets easier with a little practice. Finally slide the white latches back to the center position and the phone is safe and secure in the waterproof case, all ready for use.

This series of four pictures were taken with the iPhone in the case just to prove you can still use the touch screen through the clear plastic pouch.

This was from last year with the HTC Touch Cruise “swimming” in the river, remember it will go down to six meters but as you are not allowed to take pictures in the swimming baths this was difficult to capture! Drop the unit off a boat or canoe and it will float making safe recovery of your phone very easy. Even if you only want to use the device for music while out walking with the typical British weather this is worth considering to protect your hardware.

Manufacturers web site Over-Board.
Price £24:95 Case Only
Price £39:99 Case + Earphones
Price £19:99 Earphones only
Posted by zebsogo on Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:39 pm Reply with quote

Navigon 92 Premium Live,TomTom Go 6000,Garmin 2699 LTM-D and a TomTom Go 1005 Live ( For the wife )

Posted by wtc on Tue Oct 05, 2010 6:29 pm Reply with quote

Case splits and does not work. Overboard accept no responsibility for this. best avoided

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