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Not Enough Deaths To Warrant Speed Cameras

Article by: rob brady
Date: 16 Dec 2014

Following the death of 58 year old Ashwin Patel, a thousand people signed a petition asking for Greenwich Council to implement traffic-calming measures to the road.

Mr. Patel died whilst standing outside his shop in Hillreach, Woolwich after being hit by a car.

Greenwich council duly wrote to Transport for London (TfL) asking for speed cameras to be installed on the road.

But TfL have refused citing the rule that at least four deaths or serious injuries over a three-year period are needed to warrant a fixed speed camera - a countrywide rule, not just a local one. A similar campaign was mounted, and failed, following another death on the same road several years ago.

Local residents are not happy with the decision and vow to fight it.

Hillreach resident, Christopher Seaden from the Charlton Parkside Community Hub stated: "Action on this deadly stretch of road is long overdue and the community will not rest until it is made safer for those who live nearby."

Residents attended a meeting last week at City Hall with Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich Councillor Matthew Pennycook, London Assembly Member Len Duvall and Deputy Leader of Greenwich Council Councillor John Fahy to discuss the refusal.

Seaden added: "We're frustrated and angry at TfL's response and urge the mayor to help residents get the matter addressed by permitting the installation of speed cameras."

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Posted by M8TJT on Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:38 pm Reply with quote

"Action on this deadly stretch of road is long overdue...
Fewer than 4 KSI? I would have thought that a 'deadly stretch of road' would have had a lot more KSIs on it than that.

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