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No More Signs Despite Continuous Problems

Article by: rob brady
Date: 30 Aug 2019


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It is not the most unusual of headlines: 'Lorry Gets Stuck in Narrow Lane' - lorries get stuck in narrow lanes all the times - it happened with drivers following their paper atlas and now it's happening with them following their sat-nav instructions.

What is still up for debate though is the signage. Huge amounts of money are being wasted rescuing hapless drivers on well-known narrow stretches when surely all that is need is better signage.

This time a driver's sat-nav has led him down Coosebean Lane near Truro, Cornwall, and apparently it's happened several times before.

There is a warning sign, but it's reportedly half a mile away.

One local, Mark Nicholls commented: "Yet again a lorry got stuck and the police had to shut the road again and more damage was caused again to Cornish walls. The council will not put signs up at the entrance of the lane as they have said they have them half a mile away."

He added: "It seems so silly to waste police time, time after time when clearly there is a problem which could be solved easily with two signs at the beginning of Coosebean Lane. I have on several occasions had HGVs get stuck solid due to their sat navs sending them in the wrong direction and causing damage and traffic chaos and causing unnecessary time wasting for the police."

Representatives of Cornwall Council say they believe more signage will 'not be appropriate'.

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