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New Yorkers May Be Due Speed Camera Ticket Refunds

Article by: rob brady
Date: 14 Feb 2018

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Millions of speed camera tickets issued in New York City may be invalid according to Abram Muladzhanov who is contesting his fine.

It concerns $122.6 million in tickets that were issued to him and 2.8 million other drivers who were caught on camera allegedly speeding in school zones.

Muladzhanov claims that a "certificate charging liability" should have been included with the summons notifications sent to 2.8 million speeding motorists. He claims the failure to do so means they are invalid and is taking his claim to court.

A solicitor acting for Muladzhanov states that: "The certificate is a statement that a technician reviewed the images and finds that there are no problems. I have never seen an example of it because the city has never provided one."

It is thought that this has been the case since 2014 and covers the period up to 2016.

However, a Department of Transportation spokeswoman said: "The Notice of Liability is fully compliant with the law because it contains all of the required components, including the certificate charging the liability, though the technician certificate is not required in the [notice], it is available upon request and at the hearing."

Muladzhanov's solicitors brought a lawsuit against the city last year where they claimed half of a million parking tickets were invalid. Although the case is still pending, the city has already said that it will refund drivers approximately $26 million.


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