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New Average Speed Cameras For Devon

Article by: rob brady
Date: 22 Jul 2018

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It is likely that new speed cameras will be installed along Devon's new 110m stretch of road - the South Devon Highway.

County Council officers have recommended the approval of average speed cameras on four sites. The camera systems will monitor the speed of vehicles between two points.

A Local County Councillor, who has been campaigning for the cameras, commented: "I am over the moon about this. I have campaigned for this ever since the Highway opened and I have brought the issue of the noise and pollution affecting local residents to the Highways committee on a number of occasions. I'm delighted that officers are now recommending that the county council acts on behalf of Kingskerswell residents affected by the intolerable noise and pollution from the Highway."

He continued: "The Highways committee has heard on numerous occasions that speeds on the Highway are far in excess of the 50 mph limit and that the cameras decrease road noise and improve the air quality for residents in the vicinity of the Highway. The project also had the backing of the Devon & Cornwall Police who in June, commented that they were supportive of putting Average Speed Cameras on the South Devon Highway."

The Chief Officer for Highways says: "It's proposed that Average Speed Cameras are installed to encourage motorists to drive within the speed limit. It's likely that there will be a reduction in traffic speeds on this dual carriageway when the average speed cameras are installed, which will decrease the road noise and improve the air quality, and if there were to be a collision, should be less severe due to the lower speeds."

The Devon and Cornwall Safety Camera Partnership are also now on board with the 285,000 scheme.


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Posted by Kremmen on Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:41 am Reply with quote

Reduces noise and pollution.

Another good reason for cameras.

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