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Navteq announce APAC LBS Challenge Winners

pocketgpsworld.comThe Navteq LBS Challenge is held in the three main areas in the World: America, Europe and Asia. The European Challenge was at Mobile World Congress in February, followed by the Americas at CTIA in April, and now the Asian Challenge was judged yesterday in Singapore.

The winning application is a ground breaking multi-modal navigation application developed by the Japanese company NAVITIME, who walk off with over $550,000 in prizes. The runners up include applications to locate and secure your phone if lost or mislaid, a Multiplayer GPS game and a location aware coupon gaming system.

The Navteq press release follows:

SINGAPORE, June 17 -- NAVTEQ, the leading global provider of digital map data for location-based solutions (LBS) and vehicle navigation, announced at an award ceremony that NAVITIME is the Grand Prize winner of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) edition of the 2009 NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge. NAVITIME from Japan won in the category of Navigation which is one of five categories: Content, Enterprise, Entertainment & Leisure, Navigation and Social Networking.

NAVITIME's winning application, also called NAVITIME, is a point-to-point route search and navigation service that uses any major transportation method - walking, driving, trains and subway, buses, taxis and airlines - to get users to their destination.

The three runners-up also selected by the judging panel include:

tenCube (Enterprise): WaveSecure helps users to remotely track down the geographical location of their lost phone and lock down, back-up and remotely wipe out copy of their personal data to protect their privacy.

urban team (Entertainment): FastFoot-Challenge delivers an exciting GPS multiplayer game where, through the use of their mobile devices they can transform any park, forest, even cities into their playing field.

Yoose/Fox Mobile Distribution (Entertainment): YLIB-J2ME Edition is a location-based global couponing application that allows users to win coupons from businesses based on their location while playing a game or using a mobile social network on their mobile phone.

The Grand Prize Winner is receiving in total over $557,500 in cash, tools and data licenses, and handsets from NAVTEQ and sponsors, and each runner-up is receiving over $417,500 in total prizes.
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