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More Average Speed Cameras For Scotland

Article by: rob brady
Date: 19 Jul 2019


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More average speed cameras are to be installed in Scotland.

This follows the success of point-to-point cameras on main roads across the country - there has been a reduction in serious accidents and also an improvement in journey times. There have been eleven serious injury collisions and one fatality on the road over the last reported three year period.

The new devices will monitor a 15.9 mile stretch of the A82 and A85 roads between Tyndrum and Lix Toll - the system is to cost 250,000.

A spokesman for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity commented: "Installing the average speed cameras will help to make the road safer for everyone travelling along the route. We already know from our experience with average speed cameras successfully deployed elsewhere on our road network that they encourage improved levels of driver behaviour, with a 60% reduction in the number of killed or seriously injured casualties on similar rural single carriageways sections of road."

He added: "This investment will deliver a range of benefits for road users. This includes reducing road casualties, improving journey time reliability and reducing the frequency of incidents and disruptive closures."

The cameras are expected to be activated later in the summer.

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Posted by gem on Sat Jul 20, 2019 10:47 pm Reply with quote

Many mad motorbike riders - overtaking when they shouldn't with oncoming cars approaching then getting back onto the left side of the road with less than a second to spare!

Cameras won't catch this person.

But roads policing is moving up the agenda of priorities apparently in England & Wales because drink driving numbers has increased and road deaths and serious injuries has stopped reducing. Plus of course phone usage. All of which cameras do not capture.

Posted by Kremmen on Sun Jul 21, 2019 4:15 am Reply with quote

Certain offences, when you're caught for a second time, should have an automatic licence removal and require a harsher driving test to make the message sink in.

Driving whilst holding a phone or texting with one on your lap, of which I see a lot when a bus passenger, so higher up, should be a mandatory ban, increasing in length.

We had a local incident only last week where a lorry overturned because a car driver was on a phone and failed to join an empty roundabout.
Yes the lorry driver shouldn't have assumed the car driver would move off but it shows the dangers of not paying attention.
When out walking the number of car horns I hear when drivers texting haven't noticed the red light is now green.

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