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More Average Speed Cameras For Coventry

Article by: rob brady
Date: 28 Feb 2020


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Coventry has joined the ever growing number of areas that are increasing their reliance on average speed cameras.

The city council has allocated £300,000 for "up to three new average speed cameras".

The exact locations are still to be decided. Discussions are ongoing with local police and will be based on collision history - an announcement is expected by the end of March.

Coventry already has four point-to-point cameras systems in place with the most recent one added last month.

A local councillor commented: "Early indications show, as we hoped, that speeds have been reduced on the roads that have average speed enforcement cameras. While cameras will not stop all collisions, if people are travelling more slowly injuries should be less severe. Average speed cameras are one part of our work to help make our cityís roads safer and we use collision data over a three year period to ensure they are in the right places."

They added: "The other thing that has been pleasing is that we're also seeing a reduction in speed on other roads in the area. This is based on the first yearís data and feedback from residents. We will continue to monitor speed and collision data carefully."

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Posted by Intrakota on Sun Mar 01, 2020 1:22 am Reply with quote

These idiots sit on their fat arses and spout crap to justify the expenditure they have being conned into making. Whilst I agree that the average cameras are absolutely necessary because the courts are so lenient with the ever increasing numbers of speeding drivers, the dumb councillors are ignoring the fact that all they have done is to push speeding traffic onto residential side roads to circumvent the system.
I live in Coventry on a side road adjacent to one of these 30mph average speed camera instalations which went live just after Christmas, since then both day and night we see cars using our road and others at speeds of 50mph plus so I suppose the next thing will be speed bumps to slow them down and to inconvenience the residents most of all.
The road in question is a major road but somebody has seen fit to impose a 30mph speed limit, where I believe a more sensible 40mph limit would be more appropriate as it was prior to the average cameras being installed. Letís see how long it is before someone is killed on the side roads.

What you want, when you want it.

Posted by M8TJT on Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:31 am Reply with quote

But they still won't see the commendation.

"Aha, we have spent £300,000 (That's nearly a third of a million quid) on three average speed cameras. Now where can we put them?"
Why the hell did they spend that kind of our money before they knew? Someone should be fired, but they won't be.

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