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More 20MPH Limits Coming To London

Article by: rob brady
Date: 7 Sep 2019


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The Mayor, Mayor Sadiq Khan has approved another 5.5 miles of 20mph limit roads in the central London.

The changes will come to Victoria Embankment, Albert Embankment, Millbank, Blackfriars Road, Upper and Lower Thames Street, Lambeth bridge and Lambeth Palace Road, Aldgate Gyratory and Tooley Street at London Bridge station - all major London roads.

The new limits are expected to come into force in May 2020 and will be policed by speed cameras. When complete, this will mean that 39% of the capital's streets will be 20mph.

It's reported that a pedestrian hit at 30mph is up to five times more likely to die than at 20mph. A spokeswoman for transport for London (TfL) commented: "Lower speeds save lives, itís that simple."

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Posted by M8TJT on Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:57 am Reply with quote

Well, if pedestrians would look where they were bloody well going instead of eyes glued to phone, listening to music and totally oblivious of what's going on around them, they are always going to walk in front of a car.
So shall we slow the cars to 10MPH to make up for pedestrian stupidity?

Fix the cause, not the effect. For every one KSI, that's one fewer to dent my bumper. Wink

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