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M4 Wales Speed Cameras Catch 8500 In 12 Months

Article by: rob brady
Date: 28 Sep 2019


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Over 8,500 speeding drivers were caught on the M4 in Wales over a 12 month period from July 2018.

Statistics were obtained by WalesOnline through a Freedom of Information request and they reveal a breakdown of cameras as follows:

Junction 27 to Junction 26 eastbound: 1,099 notices sent (273 notices paid)
Junction 23a to Junction 24 westbound: 8,616 notices sent (1,239 notices paid)
M4 Tolls westbound: 2,130 notices sent (1,781 notices paid)
M4 Port Talbot eastbound: 2,309 notices sent (485 notices paid)
M4 Port Talbot westbound: 4,073 notices sent (202 notices paid)

Many will have taken Speed Awareness Courses instead of paying the fine.

Welsh Road Casualty reduction partnership GoSafe commented: "Cameras are there to encourage motorists to drive within the speed limit, so the most successful cameras are those which record the least number of offences not the most. The primary aim of enforcement is to reduce casualties on our roads by ensuring the minority of motorists that speed adjust their behaviour and comply with speed limits."

They added: "The figures show notices were sent to fewer than 0.02% of all traffic, which indicates the level of compliance at 99.98%"

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Posted by jonrome on Fri Oct 04, 2019 9:33 am Reply with quote

Any figures for the number of accidents caused by these speeding drivers?

Posted by jimi571 on Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:18 pm Reply with quote

I live in England but work in Wales a fair bit. Talking to people about the speed limits around Swansea and up the A470 quite a few people think they are not for safety but to lower emissions. There does not seem to be a reason a 50mph stretch should be permanent. Can't find any written work on this to confirm.

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